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New Moon - Guided Meditations/Workshops
Our New Moon Workshops are for those who have an interest in alternative spiritual practices or those who want to make a change in their life.

If you've had a recent drama (life event) or are just wondering 'What is it all about?' we're pretty sure we can help.

What is your key to Happiness?
Does everyone have the same one?
How do you find your key?

Introduction to the Key to Happiness Workshop Retreat

  • Happiness comes from being at one with yourself.
  • Some of us have blocks. Some of us have emptiness. Some of us can't see the way through.
  • Happiness comes from doing what you need to do, feeling your power
    and getting over thoughts of unworthiness.
  • Happiness is simple and for everyone.
  • Happiness is: loving yourself at every moment, in every part of your being.
  • Happiness is ongoing work.
  • Are you ready to make the changes that bring about Happiness?
  • Are you ready to be happy?


Our Thailand workshops include an overnight stay at the Mount & Sky Resort in Mae Rim, 30km north of Chiang Mai. The resort was built on the principles of Feng Shui. They provide vegetarian meals, dorm-style accommodations (please inquire if private accommodations are required), a natural setting, landscaped gardens, fitness center, steam room, dry sauna and mineral water jacuzzi.

Techniques available to create each Workshop

  • Shamanic Traveling : No passport needed! Travel the three worlds of Shamanic discovery.
  • A Shaman's Tools of the Trade: Find a spiritual teacher, discover your animal friends and listen to your inner voice.
  • Dynamic Meditation: Music, dance and stillness. There are lots of possibilities. Kundalini, Chakras, Gibberish and more...
  • Individual Body Discovery: Wipe off your morning face with a body warm and some homemade yoga practices.
  • Art and Music: Channeling what you need to find.
  • Soul Work: Recovery and repair - important parts of feeling whole.
  • Puja: Thanks for everything.
  • Health and Healing: Cleansing for body, mind and soul.
  • Breath: Let it in, Hold it, and Let it out. Learning techniques to rebalance your life.
  • Personal Consultation/Readings: Digging deep to discover who you are and why you are here.

Please note: Workshops are 'planned-as-we-go' to meet the needs of every individual. The items above are only a partial list of what is possible.

See our calendar or contact us for more information. Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreats
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