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Diana Manilova is a published author from Moscow, Russia. Her book, Mandala Creator, has generated interests for audiences all over the world. Her classical training at Tchaikovsky’s Music Conservatory set the stage for her first profession as a music teacher for children. Her writing career began as the result of one of her unique gifts of dream recall.

Marc Cofer, Diana’s husband, is an Internet Entrepreneur from the Silicon Valley in the United States. He is committed to helping children and has translated Diana’s dreams into their first book, Kamran and Mapa – First Travel Book. He has traveled with Diana throughout Europe and Asia, and now both live in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Writers’ Message

Our planet, Earth, is beautiful for a couple of very different reasons. In one aspect, she is a wise, old woman with many interesting experiences and stories mostly forgotten by humans. At the same time, she is a like a wonderful young lady always full of surprises.

We may love her like our mother who provides a home, food, parents and all forms of life. Together we can always be happy and she will not tremble with earthquakes, typhoons and wars. We, as humans, are the nerves of Earth. When she is happy, we live in paradise. Now is the time to begin feeling this message.

Kamran and Mapa are just like other young people. They love to play, dance and sing. But, they also travel to many places, meeting interesting people and making new discoveries. We hope, through our book, kids may feel the truth of love and wisdom from our Earth.

We hope that our book helps to spread this message and that one day Kamran and Mapa may be seen in animated form through movies, CD’s and on the Internet.

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Here's a list of helpful folks spreading the word of Kamran and Mapa. You may help Kamran and Mapa by visiting their sites.

  • VisitNepal.com - our hosting organization in Nepal. This should be your first stop if you are planning to visit this amazing country.
  • www.dlc.fi/~samu3 - Samu Karlsson's site featuring cool pictures and graphics of Lemuria/Mu
  • NewAge.com.au - lots of spirit content coming from Linda and Ted 'downunder'. Hope we get to visit them one day.
  • Kidsnook.com - search for clean, safe, kid sites? Here's a spot to start out.




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