Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book
Chapter 1 ~ First Travel

Mapa was on the top of a hill, twirling her nose and her tail very fast. All the animals and children gathered on the hillside to watch the show, to laugh and to clap. Mapa felt like a famous artist. Without knowing what happened, she started to fly into the air like a helicopter. Everyone felt the strength of Mapa's nose and tail as she whizzed by overhead.

Kamran saw what happened and tried to join Mapa. He tried jumping from the ground, but could not catch her. He tried jumping from a tree. Still, he could not catch the elephant. Finally, he went to the hill where Mapa took off and tried jumping from there.

All the kids and animals watched and laughed. No matter how high Kamran jumped, he never seemed to injure himself. No one had ever seen such a funny show. Here was a goofy, traveling elephant flying about out of control and their kangaroo friend jumping from everywhere trying to catch her.

Eventually, Mapa's tail and nose began to get tired. She had no idea how to land! Kamran was not helping the situation. Every time he jumped to catch her, he bumped into Mapa's stomach and sent her even higher into the air. This continued for four or five big jumps. Mapa stayed in the air and Kamran stayed on the ground. Birds circle them both and joined in the fun with much laughter.

When Kamran tired, he climbed to a high cliff. He looked up at Mapa and thought, "I will never fly like this elephant."

While he rested, Mapa tried to land. She hit the ground and tumbled forward. Kamran looked up just in time to see the elephant land in his lap. All the kids and animals stood and cheered. Everyone agreed that the grand finale made it the best show they had ever seen.

Kamran and Mapa looked into each other's eyes. "Hurrah for Kamran! Hurrah for Mapa!" they heard from the crowd.

"I'm Kamran," said the kangaroo. "So, you must be Mapa."

The elephant smiled and said, "Yes, I have traveled here from my home in Thailand. I heard about you from your friends. They said you were away in the Australian outback visiting other friends there."

"Yes, I returned last night and heard about your show today. That was some trick. How did it feel to fly? What did you see?"

"It was all so beautiful," Mapa said. "I saw everything below like a toy world. All the animals and kids looked like little insects. But, I have been visiting for some time and none of the area was new for me. I would like to see a new place the next time I fly."

"I would love to see a new place too!" said Kamran. "May I go with you?"

"Sure, you can join me," said the elephant.

The crowd slowly filed away and they both heard, "Hurrah for Kamran and Mapa!" in the distance.

The two new friends decided to be traveling companions, which worked out well for both. Mapa would handle transportation and Kamran would be pilot and luggage handler.

The kangaroo carried many interesting items inside his pouch. Some were perfect for traveling. He carried an umbrella, peanut butter and jelly, his favorite pillow, water, a flashlight, a toothbrush, a compass, matches, trail mix, a Discman and few other secrets.

He decided that the best way to fly was to jump on Mapa's back before she started spinning her nose and tail. They would start their journey from the hilltop used for Mapa's show.

They awoke early, when the sun was just beginning to rise. Kamran's plan for takeoff worked after a few tries. They waved good-bye to all their friends and began to fly.

First they flew for a long time over many parts of Australia. Kamran had traveled a great deal there and told Mapa all he knew. Then they flew over the ocean where they saw fish, whales and dolphins.

The kangaroo shared his peanut butter and jelly with Mapa. When it rained, he pulled out an umbrella and covered them. When the elephant tired of flying, he used a yellow rubber raft to provide a place to sleep.

The ocean birds and fish could not figure out who or what these strange animals were. They were afraid to ask, but were still friendly and waved hello. After many days crossing the ocean and a few days overland, they awoke one morning and saw two suns in the sky.

Mapa asked, "What are those?"

"One of them must be the sun, but the other looks like a big, sparkling diamond," said Kamran. "Let's fly toward the diamond and we will be rich. We'll split it and share everything!"

"The first items we will buy together," said the elephant nodding her large head. "One will be a boat and the other a plane. Then I'll be finished being the only transportation."

As they approached the diamond, they saw a giant rainbow. They flew under the rainbow and Kamran pulled out a pair of sunglasses. When they touched the diamond, they found it was very hard.

Kamran reached into his pouch and pulled out some tools. First, they tried breaking the diamond with hammers. Then they tried sawing through it. Finally, they realized that the diamond was really made of ice and snow.

Mapa slipped and fell. She took Kamran down with her. They slid down the ice and discovered they were on a great big mountain. Before long, they hit a bump and started bouncing. Mapa whirled her tail and nose to take flight. Kamran tried to inflate a raft to provide a cushion against any obstacles.

He could not see ahead of him. Mapa's whirling tail and nose sent snow into the air and into his eyes. He felt for her tail and tried to stuff it into his pouch. He was ticklish and began to laugh. He tried to stuff her large nose under his arm, but that tickled even more.

They came to a stop in a patch of tall grass next to a green jungle. When they looked through the grass and into the jungle, they saw no one.

"Where are we? How will we get back home to our friends?" said Mapa. She began to cry.

Kamran and Mapa meet for the first time.














































Kamran has an idea to make them rich.

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