Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 10 ~ Kunda and Lini (Part 3)

When night arrived, the moon was full and high up in the sky. The trees and flowers of the Terai looked magical. All the kids and animals met together with their food and luggage.

Kamran acted like he was an important police officer. He inspected the bags of each animal and child. He took the cookies and cakes and exchanged them for vegetables and fruits. "These sweets may be damaged in the journey.. It is better to carry what I give you," he explained.

With one hand Kamran took the sweets. With the other he handed out the fruits and veggies. He was busy, but still had time to put sweets into his own mouth. After one hour, chocolate and icing covered his face, hands and chest. He looked like a big cake.

The other kids and animals listened closely. They did not laugh because Kamran spoke with a deep voice and looked very serious. They followed his instructions. Everyone wanted a place close to Mapa.

Only Chryst sat in his usual spot under his tree and snickered. "How are you feeling?" he asked Kamran.

"Not so well! I have such a difficult job."

"But, why are you feeling bad?" Chryst asked. "You look very beautiful. You could be a cupcake in a bakery window."

"I love all my friends so I decided to help everyone," the kangaroo replied. Now his friends looked in his direction and saw his condition. He was so miserable he could not sit, stand or lie down. They all laughed at him. Up in the sky, where no one watched but Chryst, the moon joined in their laughter.

Mapa felt a pull from the sky. She looked up at the moon and thought she heard her say, "Please go to sleep. Now it’s time to fly with me." As all the friends gathered into their special spaceship formation, they drifted into sleep and began to fly.

Mapa felt the warm nose of her grandmother and the familiar tickle behind her ear. When she opened her eyes, she saw that they sat by a deep, blue lake. In the center of the lake she saw a giant lotus flower that smelled lovely. She felt as though she had never left her grandmother’s side.

Her grandmother asked, "Are you ready to listen to more of the story about Kunda and Lini?" Mapa could not answer. She could only take a deep breath and smell the scent of the wonderful flower in the center of the lake. Her grandmother pointed to the Lotus and began.

"This flower was the home of Kunda and his friends. When he first showed this flower to Lini, he told her that it was the home of all of his brothers and sisters. The flower was his favorite place. In the middle of the night his entire family would gather at the flower.

"Now the moon is ready to tell you a story about a great big love."


Then Mapa’s grandmother told the story of this love.

"If you wish," Kunda said to Lini, "You may fly to my home and I will introduce you to all of my family."

When Lini met Kunda’s family, she began to laugh. She was not sure why. There were many snakes. They all had different shapes. How would anyone remember all their names?

This was the first time that Lini did not feel alone. When she saw the flower, she saw it matched the color of the moon. The lake-flower looked as if it were the moon’s reflection on the water.

Kunda explained, "This is a Lotus, the flower of love for Earth. Earth sees every animal. All animals look the same to her. She loves them all. My brothers and sisters are the only ones on Earth who remember this. She reminds us of her love everyday.

"When the sun rises, we help her. We give love to all her animals."

Lini asked, "How do all of the animals understand your language?"

Kunda replied, "We do not really speak to them. They are only feeling what happens when we care for them. When a child lays sick, we touch the place that has pain and give warmth and love. This is the same love as love from the Earth. The child soon begins to feel better and starts to laugh and jump around.

"If the little animals are alone for a long time and begin to cry, we help them sleep and give them beautiful dreams. After some time, they become very happy. When animals are angry and want to fight or kill other animals, we give them love as well. The animals do not know about us. They cannot speak to us or see us. They know us by feeling how we help them."

"Oh," said Lini. "Our planets are very different."

She began to remember the story of her own planet and her eyes filled with tears. Kunda could not stand to see her cry. He did not like to see anyone unhappy. He went back to the shore and formed a ball of pollen from the flowers there. He brought the sweet treat back for Lini.

When the sun rose, Kunda and Lini went to meet some of the friends of the planet who needed love. Lini’s life was now very beautiful. Together, they met many other couples made up of snakes and bubbles. There were many interesting colors to watch.

At night, when the moon was full, Lini became sad. Her color would change throughout the day to violet or green. During the night her color changed to blue. Kunda saw this, but never asked about it. He was very sensitive and clever.

After a few days, Lini explained, "I am a daughter of the moon. Now, our planet has had a catastrophe. This is why my friends and I left and have come to this place. Before the catastrophe, the moon was beautiful. She was an emerald color and the people living there could work miracles.

"The people of the moon could turn rocks into flowers. Rocks and stones had new life. We could also play with the clouds and fly like birds. If we had a special dream it would come true in real life. We never cried. This is the first time I have ever cried. I do not know why.

"Even my friends that followed me here could change shape depending upon the work that they performed. We had many friends that would visit us from other planets. We often worked and played together.

"One important part of the moon was its silvery element mercury. Mercury was an important part of our planet and for the spaceships that came to visit. We had some really bad people. They began to sell mercury to anyone who would ask for it. They sold too much mercury and it changed the balance of the moon.

"One group of people could feel the future. These people were all beautiful. I miss them so much. These people were our teachers from the sky. They said that we were too young and must leave the planet.

"The moon would die they told us. They taught us what we needed to do to live. We promised not to forget the mistakes of our people. Our teachers from the sky were not angry with us or greedy. They only told us that we must leave the moon before the final disaster.

"I still feel my planet. When its balance changed, so did its orbit. Volcanoes of mercury erupted around the surface. Most of our people died at that time. A few of them went deep into the planet.

"Now the moon is cold. Before the catastrophe, we called our moon the Emerald planet. Somehow, I still do not feel the moon is completely dead. She is only in deep, deep sleep. If you would like, I will tell you many other stories someday."

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