Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 11 ~ Kunda and Lini (Part 4)

When Kunda listened to Lini’s story, he felt the differences between their two planets. Life is really beautiful when everything is interesting and you have friends. Kunda enjoyed teaching Lini what to eat, how to cook and how to help heal his little friends.

Lini really enjoyed helping and liked to nap on the many African violets along the shores of the lake. They always met for breakfast.

One morning, Kunda did not arrive for breakfast. Lini waited one hour, a second hour and then a third. After the next day and the next, still Kunda did not come to speak with her. She began to worry. What had happened to her friend and companion?

Another snake came to her and said that Zoros had come to the lake and found Kunda’s home. He tried to destroy the Lotus flower where Kunda lived with his friends. All the other animals were enjoying a wonderful life without sickness or pain. This was not good for the king.

Kunda helped all of his brothers and sisters to escape, but was captured with the help of the ape’s eagle friend. The eagle flew Kunda to a cage in the king’s temple.

When Lini heard what happened, she began to cry. She was not alone. All of Kunda’s brothers and sisters and little animal friends shared her tears.

Zoros and his friends were laughing and jumping. The king joked with them and said that he might enjoy eating Kunda for lunch.

Lini felt the ape and new his thoughts. She could also feel Kunda. He was wondering what might happen to her and his little friends if he died.

Lini remembered something from her planet. When her friends met in a big circle they could combine their thoughts and energies. This force could be used to free Kunda.

Her friends felt her and understood her wish. When they came together, the air around the friends changed. Breathing became difficult. Like thunder and lightning before a big rain, a powerful energy gathered around them.

Even Kunda’s brothers and sister understood what to do. They joined Lini and her friends. The air vibrated and hummed until... Boom! They created such a giant explosion that Kunda’s cage burst into pieces. He was free!

Zoros saw what happened but did not become angry. The animals gathered around his temple and yelled. He felt safer under his thrown.

"What has happened?" he wondered. "My people are not happy. They are yelling. I have made a terrible mistake, but I am king. Could I have made a mistake? Maybe I have."

The next moment, everything changed. Kunda was free, but all of his little friends did not understand everything that had happened. Now they were only feeling happiness and love. The sweet smell of lotus flowers and African violets filled the air. Everyone celebrated by laughing and jumping around. Their home was paradise again.

Kunda and Lini found each other. They could not believe that they were together again. Was all of this really true? They shared what they were feeling while they were apart.

Kunda said, "You were really amazing. How did you and your friends work such magic?"

"We have a little power here… but, you? Wow! You have so many friends. They all said they loved you. What is love? Is this some kind of magic from Earth?"

"I will teach you," said Kunda.

"And, I will teach you how to perform miracles," said Lini. Both were very happy.

"Oh, I’m so sorry," said Kunda, "but now I do not have much time to live. My friends and I only live for 31 days. You and your friends have freed me, but I will live for only one more hour. Will you stay here and teach all of my new brothers and sisters about the experiences that we have shared?"

"Can we not change this situation?" Lini asked. "This is not good. How can you leave me? How can we live without each other? This is the first time that I am beginning to feel the love that you speak of."

As Kunda watched, Lini moved toward his stomach. "If you are to die, then I am ready to die with you."

Then, real magic happened! She entered her form into his body. Kunda and Lini merged into one.


Mapa looked up at her grandmother. Her mouth was open, but she still asked, "Are Kunda and Lini still together?"

"Yes," her grandmother replied. "Together they formed a new energy for Earth. Kundalini is the energy of Earth that creates the life force for all humans. This is a miracle of energy from our teachers in the sky and love of Earth."

Mapa grabbed her grandmother around the neck and said, "Thank you! What a wonderful story you have given for my friends and me. I love you very much."


Mapa awoke in pain. Kamran was standing on her nose. He was not able to sleep, so he decided to climb a nearby tree and make a big jump. Maybe this would help him to fly. Of course, he could not see very well in the dark and made a mistake by landing on Mapa’s trunk.

All of their friends awoke when the heard Mapa’s yell. The moon was still high up in the sky. Mapa started to cry. "I cannot believe how the story of the moon is so interesting. Why did I have to wake up?

"The moon is beautiful. Before flying, I felt she was trying to speak to me. When she is full I always feel different. When I sleep I always have interesting dreams. Now, I know why."

Mapa continued, "Why can only humans have Kundalini energy? How do they feel the moon? I love her very much." Everyone stared at the moon.

Chryst smiled. He understood how the others felt. "All the flowers, trees, birds and animals have feelings. Don’t worry, Mapa. Stop crying. Only humans are feeling much more. As animals, we feel differently. But this is another story. Every tree and every animal on Earth can feel the moon."

Kamran asked, "Can I fly next time too?" He cried, "I’m sorry if I did something wrong. This was only because the moon was full and I wanted to eat too much."

Laxmi said, "Oh, if Kamran is feeling the moon, she must be very strong and very beautiful. She must feel and love us too."

"I want to fly to the moon. When will be the next time that I can fly?" asked the kangaroo.

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