Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 12 ~ The Moonstone

Kamran often wondered how he might fly to other planets. He felt them from his dreams, but never remembered the details of his journeys. After a month passed, Mapa’s grandmother decided to help him.

Kamran was jumping as usual, looking for juicy fruit. After one big jump he stubbed his toe. "Ouch!" he yelled. All the birds flew to help him. This was very unusual. Never had they heard Kamran cry like Mapa. He was screaming and screeching and even sounded like a bird. Mapa and Chryst arrived as well.

Very soon, all the friends were gathered again. Kamran had a problem but he also discovered something nice. This was a surprise because many children had walked along this path for a long time, yet none had noticed anything special.

Kamran finally calmed down, but tears still fell from his eyes. He did not understand what had happened. He did not know why he was in such pain. Only Chryst saw that Kamran’s tears had washed away the dirt around his feet.

In a low voice Chryst said, "Look down at your feet Kamran, your pain and tears have given you something beautiful. You have found a new friend."

Kamran followed Chryst’s instructions and looked down at a strange stone. The stone was dirty, but he could still see many colors. Why was this beautiful? He thought that Chryst was joking with him.

Then Mapa stepped forward and asked the stone, "Who are you? What is your name? How are you?" Then her eyes sparkled and she said, "Maybe you are lonely. Now we have found you and it is time for you to make new friends."

The crocodile brought water, the birds gathered leaves and Laxmi dug up very fine sand. They worked with everything to clean and polish the stone. It changed colors to white and then to purple.

Mapa spoke to the stone. "I am feeling that you have no voice, yet you are special somehow. I am feeling that you have life."

The friends were lucky Mapa’s grandmother was working to help Kamran. She chose this day because there would be a full moon.

They put the stone on the ground and all sat around it in a circle. When they looked at the stone in the moonlight, they could see it play with colors. The stone was big and had the size and shape of an ostrich egg. When the moon sent beams of light down, the stone made shadows of different shapes. Earth had given them a special gift. It was a Moonstone.

The Moonstone was older than all the animals and children. It knew many stories about Earth and love. It had lived before any animals or humans had life. Without a voice to pass on its stories, it watched as everyone nodded off to sleep.

The Moonstone knew exactly how to give its new friends a surprise.

While Kamran slept, he dreamed of a wonderful temple with many birds. The temple looked like ice. It changed colors like the Moonstone. He stood at the entrance where two large birds came to greet him. Like a very important person, he was lead into the temple. Although the birds spoke in a strange language, he understood them. The birds were large and walked upright instead of flying.

As they walked through the temple, space-age music played in big rooms and down large hallways. The temple was open and columns ran up and down the large rooms. They entered a royal chamber. Kamran saw a large bird-king sitting on his thrown. When the kangaroo approached the giant, white bird he saw its eyes change from bright red to dark blue.

Kamran did not fidget or hop around. His body color changed to a dark blue to match the eyes of the great bird. The kangaroo asked, "Who are you? Where is this temple? Why am I here?"

The king saw Kamran’s color change and replied, "Don’t worry my young friend. My name is Lord. You are an honored guest in the Land of the Birds. You were invited here by the friend who leads you now." Only then did Kamran realize the Moonstone was by his side.

Lord saw the Moonstone and the bird’s eyes changed again from dark blue to violet. The Moonstone responded by changing shades to the new color of the bird’s eyes. They were old friends.

"What else would you like?" the Moonstone asked Kamran.

He was not surprised to understand the stone’s language. "Well, I’m not sure," he said as thoughts started to wonder through his head.

Immediately in front of him appeared a table set for a feast. He saw pineapples, coconuts, apple pie, peanut butter and jelly, chocolate cake and many other delicious items.

Then, everything changed and he was flying. He saw a land below and many birds flying nearby. They flew to a large mountain with many caves that served as homes. Each home had everything computerized. There were electronics and anything you could ask for. He decided that these birds must be very clever to have so many wonderful toys.

His view changed again and he saw other animals jumping and running within a valley. He looked about to see if there were any animals that he knew. He spoke with some of them. Somehow he knew their language. They spoke about the sun and moon and Kamran taught them his Sunshine song.

One animal looked like Mapa. He reached out to grab her, but the animal did not respond. He poked and tickled the elephant, but still nothing happened. He decided to try one last time and shouted.

His yell woke him. He was holding Laxmi’s horn in his hands.

"I was flying," he screamed at rhinoceros. "And I remember I was really flying. Only, I was not careful. I forgot to say good-bye to all my new friends. It was such a short time, but I remember many interesting details. I met a bird king named Lord. Even though we did not speak, we could understand each other. I am so happy."

Kamran stood up and began to dance and jump around his sleeping friends. He tried to climb a nearby tree. Many branches snapped, cracked and broke. His friends awoke and watched his crazy show.

"What are you doing now, Kamran?" asked Mapa.

Chryst only laughed until tears were rolling down his face. Kamran could not say anything for a moment.

"I am trying to say thank you to the Moonstone." He said out of breath. "But I don’t know where he can watch me from." Kamran circled around so that maybe the Moonstone could see him. He sang his Sunshine song and all of his friends joined in. Kamran continued singing solo and added a verse about the moon and dreams.

After the singing, Chryst said, "Now my friends, it is time for swimming."

"What do you mean?" asked Mapa.
























Kamran finds a Moonstone

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