Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 13 ~ The Monsoon

The day was very hot. All the kids and animals were not interested in jumping or playing around. Everyone found spots of shade under trees, but still they were sweating.

"I don’t know," said Kamran to Chryst. "Were you joking with us when you said it was time for swimming. Do you think that our sweat will form a lake?"

At that moment a great clash of thunder and lightning filled the sky. Now was monsoon season in the Terai. The sky became dark and flashes lit up the surrounding land. Sometimes it looked like the bolts of lightning were writing names in the sky. For many of the trembling young animals, this was their first time to experience the monsoon.

Rain fell and covered the ground with great sheets of water. Every valley became a creek and then a small river. Soon, even the rivers filled and covered the flat beach areas nearby.

The mother’s of the small animals and Mapa worried. "What are going to do? Chryst, do you think we may all end up underwater and drowned?"

Kamran jumped from one big tree to another. He looked like a big bird. After one jump, he lost his balance and fell out of a tree into the rushing water. No one could help him. Some of the animals that saw him could not swim. Others thought this was a new Kamran Show and laughed.

Kamran’s mouth opened to catch his breath. He kicked with his feet and moved his tail in the water, but could not swim. Feeling her friend was in trouble, Mapa gave a great trumpet blast to call for help. All their crocodile and turtle friends quickly entered the water and helped Kamran to shore.

Everyone started following Chryst. He led them to a cave inside a mountain. Wood was inside that Chryst had stored long before. He built a big fire in the middle of the cave to dry all of the kids and animals. Thunder roared in the sky and no one spoke.

Everyone made it safely to the cave. They dried their bodies and fell asleep. Everyone shared the same dream of swimming in a great ocean. They swam and swam without stopping. Only Kamran and Mapa recognized the places they had been to before in the Indian Ocean.

They met their old friends from the ocean and Tiki the dolphin joined their party. Mapa told Tiki of their adventures on Mount Everest, in the Terai and of flying with Chryst. Kamran told about the lightning and thunder they had seen and heard in the sky before the great monsoon. He also told how their other friends rescued him and many other animals that could not swim.

"You are really little," said Tiki. "You have both forgotten all of the events that have happened on Earth during the time of your grandparents and their grandparents before them. The monsoon that you experienced was only one small cry from Earth. This was not a great catastrophe."

"What do you mean catastrophe?" asked Mapa. "Like on the moon?"

Tiki continued, "Earth remembers the time when she had only animals. Like the time when the dinosaurs lived on the planet. There were great mammoths, great lizards, huge turtles, very big trees and everything in nature was giant sized. There was only one problem with these huge animals. They had small brains and were very stupid."

"How big were they?" asked Kamran. "Were any as big as Mount Everest?"

"A long time ago, yes, some were as big as a mountain," replied Tiki. "But Everest was not big at that time. He only grew to his current size much later. Many animals were big enough to eat trees. Some were as big as six story buildings. The animals of that time were all related. It was not until later that animals came that would eat other animals. During that time there was much blood and screaming. The noise was very loud."

"It must have been like Mapa’s trumpeting when she called all our friends to help us during the monsoon," said Kamran.

"How often will you remind me about my loud voice?" asked Mapa.

Tiki laughed and said, "Stop, stop, stop. You always help each other. You both know how beautiful it is to have real friends. The great dinosaurs could not help each other because they were not clever enough. The Earth became tired of caring for this life. Since the sun loved Earth so much, he helped her melt all of the ice. When the ice turned to water, a great rain fell on Earth. The rain lasted ten years. The wind and waves wrecked all of the land. This is what I mean when I use the word catastrophe."

"What happened to Earth after the great rain?" asked Mapa.

"This was not only rain," replied Tiki. "This was a great flood. This is an old and long story. I may tell you this story some other time. I must go now to meet my other friends in case someone needs my help."

When Mapa started to say good-bye and thank you for everything, she took a great big breath. She had never heard the story of Earth. But when she inhaled, she made another great trumpet call and all her friends awoke.

"What’s happened!" asked Kamran with a start.

"It’s only Mapa saying good morning after her long swim," said Chryst.


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