Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 14 ~ The Goddess San Thai (Part 1)

All the kids and animals spoke of their amazing adventure. They learned so much. One kid mentioned how it would be interesting if dinosaurs were still on Earth.

Kamran said, "I enjoy flying because I get to meet with friends that are not close by. My grandfather told me that when we meet a friend in our dreams, they are remembering us. I wish we could fly more often so that we could spend time with our friend Tiki"

Chryst said, "You can fly anytime. So far you’ve only learned to fly in your dreams. Maybe with a little help, you can fly without being asleep."

"How can we do that Chryst?" Kamran asked. "Can you help us?"

"Yes" said Chryst. "You will need to invite your new friend, the Moonstone, to help you. If you are feeling the Moonstone, it may help you. You must speak with it using telepathy."

"Telepathy? What’s that?" asked Kamran. "How will it help us speak to the Moonstone?"

"Telepathy is speaking without your voice," Chryst replied. "You only need to feel what you want or what you want to say."

"I remember doing exactly that in my dreams," said Kamran. "Okay, I will try. But first I need to remember where I put the Moonstone? Aha! I found it in my pouch. Thank you grandfather."

The kangaroo sat quietly. His friend’s decided to help. They all thought about what they wanted. How would they fly with all the rain and lightning in the sky?

The result was a great surprise. At the door of their cave appeared a giant floating ball with the same shiny colors as the Moonstone.

"OK, everyone," commanded Kamran. "Who is ready? Please follow me."

"I guess I’m ready," said Mapa. "But, I don’t know how this ball is going to help us."

The ball changed and a door appeared. Kamran and Mapa jumped inside and the door closed.

Mapa cried, "Wait! We didn’t get to say good-bye to our friends."

"Don’t worry," said Kamran, "I’ll say good-bye for us using telepathy."

"Please don’t forget to say thank you to the Moonstone for its help," added Mapa.

The ball was see-through and Kamran and Mapa watched the rain, lightning and clouds while safely tucked inside. When the picture changed, the sky was clear. It was full of stars.

Kamran told Mapa, "Pinch me. Is this real? Are we really flying or are we sleeping again?"

"I will pinch you, but first I have one question," said Mapa. "When you spoke with the Moonstone, did you tell it where to take us?"

"I cannot remember. Everything is so beautiful. If you can think of somewhere interesting, ask the Moonstone now. It’s your friend too and it will know what you are feeling."

Mapa had been thinking of her home in Thailand. Before she thought of anything else, the scene outside changed again.

Kamran said, "Wow! Look at the sky and the ocean. There are so many animals. There’s a saber-toothed tiger, a brontosaurus, and a pterodactyl. They are giant! They must be Tiki’s friends. He should be nearby. Great work, Mapa! You have found the home of the dinosaurs."

The ball descended. When they touched the ground it disappeared. They sat on a beach and recognized the forms around them. They were not dinosaurs, but mountains.

Mapa stood and asked a nearby mountain, "Where are we? Who are you?"

A gentle voice replied, "These mountains are very old. Once they were underneath the ocean and formed a great coral reef. After many years, Earth changed and they rose above the water. They have the shape of animals because many large animals died in this place. Now, these mountains are like statues. They are here to serve as a memory. These animals died during the great flood."

The voice they heard was quiet and peaceful. It sounded like someone was singing a song for children. Kamran and Mapa had traveled a long way and had already seen many miracles. Now, they felt tired. They laid down on the moonlight beach and the sounds of crashing waves took them deeply into sleep.

When Kamran awoke, he looked around for Mapa. His friend was nowhere to be found. When he looked up and down the beach for the third time, he saw footprints in the sand. He followed them into the jungle.

As he went deeper into the jungle, Kamran heard animal noises getting louder and louder. When he saw where the animals were, he was quiet surprised to see a dirty girl battling a group of monkeys. She was trying to grab the fruits that they had gathered for breakfast.

Kamran was not sure what he should do. He realized that the girl was alone and needed his help. He gave a great yell and a mighty kangaroo jump that landed him in the middle of the battle. The monkeys were shocked. They had never seen such a strange looking animal.

Before anyone could react, Kamran grabbed the girl, stuffed her in his pouch and jumped deep into the jungle. When he was sure the monkeys were not following, he stopped and asked the girl, "Are you okay? What happened to you? Why are you alone in the jungle?"

The girl did not speak. Her eyes were wide and glassy. She looked up at the highest trees of the jungle and ignored him.

"What am I going to do?" he thought. Kamran was not used to seeing animals or kids fighting. He understood the girl was starving. He took her to the beach and returned to the jungle to gather some baby coconuts. When he returned with the food, the girl devoured everything. She looked tired and sleepy. She crawled into the shade and curled into a ball. Kamran heard her whimper and cry, but soon she fell asleep.

Kamran was worried. He had done everything he could think of to help. He jumped to the water and tried to relax in the waves. When he turned to check on the girl he saw something very strange.

The trees around the girl had lowered their branches. They touched her skin and seemed to sway back and forth over her body. He felt their rhythm and the song they sang to her in his own heart. When the sun fell, Kamran joined the exhausted girl in the trees and fell asleep.

The next morning, the girl awoke and looked for food. She climbed a nearby tree and started eating the leaves. Her loud crunching and the noise of cracking tree limbs woke Kamran. He saw the broken branches from the girl’s climbing but did not know what to think.

He said, "Hey there! Come down from that tree. I’ll help you gather some real food and then we can talk about what we should do to help you."

But this only confused the wild girl. Before Kamran could finish, she jumped from the tree and ran full speed into the dense jungle. Kamran was stunned. This was too big a task for a single kangaroo. He felt a lump rise in his throat and tears fall from his eyes.

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