Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 15 ~ The Goddess San Thai (Part 2)

At the same time, on another part of the beach, Mapa sat on a big rock. She practiced using telepathy. With her nose in the water, she blew bubbles to play with the fish. Somehow she felt exactly what they told her.

Then, she heard a voice that sounded familiar. Tiki arrived and saw her speaking with the fish. He was impressed with Mapa’s talent. He asked, "What were you doing? How were you speaking with those fish?"

"Well, first I was very quiet," replied Mapa. "Since I know nothing about where I am, I thought about asking the fish."

"You have found a special place," said Tiki. "A magic woman watches over this island. Her name is the Goddess San Thai."

"Oh! That’s who the fish were speaking of," replied Mapa. "They said someone here speaks with them and can speak with all the animals, trees, stones and mountains. She knows many legends and helps everyone. She can swim and fly. I want to meet her. She sounds really interesting. A woman who flies and speaks with stones and fish… She’s just like me!"

Tiki saw Mapa’s was excited and asked her to follow him. He swam and Mapa flew. They followed the beach until they came upon a cave with many stalactites and stalagmites. It was beautiful. Inside was even more surprising. Candles, incense and flowers were laid upon a large table at the entrance to the cave.

"What is this place? Is this San Thai’s home? What are all those wonderful smells?" Mapa asked.

"Everyone from here knows San Thai. Some of them bring her gifts to show their love for her," said Tiki.

Mapa asked, "But where is she? When can I meet her?"

"Anytime," replied Tiki. "You only need to be quiet and feel her like when you spoke with the fish."

Mapa sat on the beach and closed her eyes. Tiki smiled and realized how much Mapa had grown since their last meeting.


While Mapa sat to call San Thai, Kamran stopped crying and followed the wild girl’s path into the jungle. He did not know how long he had been on her trail, but he felt hot, sweaty and tired. Just when he had decided to quit, he heard a woman’s voice in his head that told him to keep going.

When he looked down he saw the girl’s footprints and could tell she was still running. He increased his own speed as quickly as he could in the thick jungle. Maybe he was tired and hungry, but surely he was going too fast. He did not see the rocks in front of him. Conk! His head hit the wall of rocks. He saw white dots like twinkling stars.

After a few minutes, the stars cleared. He thought it was time to stop, but took a deep breath and looked up the stone wall in front of him. "Where is Mapa?" he thought. "If she were her, we could fly right up this mountain." But, instead he found a rope that had been hung to help climb the wall. Without noticing anything around him, the kangaroo climbed the steep wall. When he reached the top, he heard the woman’s voice again. "You must keep going," he felt her say.

That’s what he did. "Why am I doing this and who is this woman speaking inside my head?" thought Kamran. "I’ll never be able to explain this adventure to my friends." But, before he could have any more thoughts, he saw an even more unbelievable sight before him.

Eleven kids with dark skin and tattooed faces stared at him. They looked really funny. He stared back and wondered who they were and what they were doing. Some of the kids carried spears and looked like soldiers. Kamran stayed very still and thought about what to do. He remembered his times with Mapa and all their friends. Maybe it was best to not to speak and start with a little show?

He jumped around and sang. After a few special hopping tricks and a grand finale the kids all laughed. They saw the kangaroo had a great number of cuts and bruises. "He must be new to our home," they thought. They answered his questions about the area and the strange girl he had followed.

"This is an island," said one girl. "The Goddess San Thai keeps this island and helps the animals, people and plants. Some say they hear voice."

One of the boys added, "The girl you saw is a strange one. She has old parents, but no brothers and sisters. The girl was born strange. We never know what she will do next."

Kamran understood. No one had been able to help the girl in the past. Maybe the time had not been right. He told the kids that he thought he had heard the voice of San Thai asking him to help the girl. He wanted to find her again. The kids agreed to help him.

Traveling through the jungle and over rocks and mountains with a kangaroo was difficult. The kids laughed and tried to help Kamran get his big body through the difficult spots. The kids told Kamran more about the girl. She was really a young woman and meant to be a princess. She could dance and sing better than anyone of her village.

When they climbed to the top of a big hill, Kamran peeked over the top and looked down. "We call this the Princess Lagoon," the kids said. "This is her home."

Kamran had no more energy. He was tired, cut, bleeding and felt ready to die. "Strange," he thought, "how often I think about Mapa. Every time I cannot go on, I think of her and get more energy." This was new for him.

He started down into the lagoon and found the trail more difficult than it looked. Each step was dangerous. Kamran reached the bottom and looked up at the beautiful sky. He sat down and felt too tired to move. He just looked at the stars as they appeared overhead. A wonderful melody played in his head. He felt the stars were sending him a song. "What a miracle," he thought. He tried to sing, but his voice was weak and sounded very funny. Kamran laughed.

The kids started to fall asleep around him. He felt as though the star song was playing in his chest. Then he had feeling someone was watching him. When he turned his head, the princess stood nearby. She still looked wild. Kamran was afraid. He pulled a coconut out of his pouch to warn her. When she gave him a small smile, he handed her the coconut to be friendly.

Kamran looked up again and saw the full moon. The moonlight lit up the walls of the lagoon. In some places the rocks were glowing. "What makes them glow?" he wondered.

He stared at the princess and saw that her eyes reflecting the moon. She cracked the coconut and ate. Looking at the kangaroo, she saw that he was injured. When she reached out to help him, Kamran jumped and bumped his head. This made her laugh.


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