Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 16 ~ The Goddess San Thai (Part 3)

Mapa spent the night in the cave. One time she sat up quickly and felt afraid. She did not feel danger, but then she saw a picture of Kamran in her head. She felt he was in some kind of trouble. She heard a woman’s quiet voice. The voice said, "You need to send love for your friend Kamran. Now rest, but in the morning you must begin to look for your friend."

Mapa did not waste time walking when she awoke. She said good-bye to Tiki and flew above the jungle. After a short time, she found a clearing in the jungle. There were huts made of bamboo and grass. The homes were set together in a village.

Mapa remembered the woman’s voice. She also remembered speaking with the Moonstone. She believed that San Thai had given her the message about Kamran during the night. She felt that there was a man and woman in one of the village huts. They were sad and crying for their daughter. "What’s happened with their daughter?" Mapa wondered.

The other parents in the village were also worrying. Their children had been in the jungle all night. Mapa decided to stop and see if she could help. But, what could she do? How could she speak with these people? "Can I get them to listen to me?" she wondered.

Without really thinking about what to do, Mapa landed nearby and picked flowers in the jungle. She made a giant bouquet. Then she walked into the center of the village and started to sing.

A strange sight waited for the villagers when they came from their huts. They saw a pink elephant carrying flowers and singing. Mapa did not stop. When all the villagers gathered around her, she distributed the flowers. The villagers began to feel who she was. Love overflowed from the elephant. They all wondered if Mapa would help them find their children.

When Mapa stopped singing, the villagers built a large fire to prepare food. Mapa said, "You are all beautiful people. I have traveled to many places, but have never seen such wonderful parents. You all love and miss your children. But, I am feeling that something has been forgotten. This is a magical place and the Goddess San Thai watches over you. Remember when you were younger... you always asked San Thai for help?"

"Do you remember her friendship? She was always near. Now, you must do as you did before. San Thai can still help you."

"Maybe in the past, many of you forgot to say thank you. San Thai did not feel her love returned. Now is the time to give thanks to her for all the wonderful gifts of the past. After you thank her, you may ask for help again. When she’s feeling your love, she can work miracles."

Mapa listen to herself speak. She felt the words were not her own. It was as if they were coming from some place deep inside of her. She spoke again. "I also have asked San Thai for help. But, she has sent me here. I am looking for my friend Kamran. Has anyone seen a strange looking animal? He’s a kangaroo. I must find him."


The princess realized that Kamran was not dangerous to her. She remembered what he had done. He had never tried to hurt her. She felt he tried to help her all alone. Now, he needed her help. She took him and bandaged his body with leaves and vines. She would need the kids’ help to move Kamran to the sea.

After Kamran was well bandaged, she looked him over and tried not to laugh. She asked the kids for their help. They agreed and carefully lifted the kangaroo. When they moved toward an entrance of a cave through the mountains, Kamran saw where they were going. He was happy not to be going back up the difficult path which lead out of the lagoon.

The cave, however, was not much better. Kamran could hardly move. He decided that this might be his last adventure and could die at any moment. He could not help feeling like a piece of luggage. When his mind became tired of being afraid, he fell asleep.

He awoke in the warm salty water of the ocean. It was morning. At first he thought he was dreaming that someone had been crying. Their tears fell over his body and helped heal his cuts and bruises.

Now, Kamran saw the princess and kids were trying to help him. One group gathered vines from the beach and crushed them into a paste. The girl used the paste to treat his wounds. At that same time, another group gathered fruits and nuts for breakfast.

Kamran could not remember the last time he had eaten. He started to eat the bananas, coconuts and other fruits. He ate like a dinosaur and felt his energy coming back. All the kids watched and felt hungry too. They joined in the feast before he could eat everything in sight.

Tiki arrived and saw Kamran looking very peaceful. From the looks of his body, Tiki could see Kamran had been quiet a soldier. He knew he had quite a story to tell to all his friends. Tiki said, "Hello there, soldier."

Kamran was surprised, but recognized the voice immediately. He was very happy to see his dolphin friend. "Tiki, I have thought about you so much. I missed your company."

"What do you mean, Kamran," replied Tiki. "Look at all the new friends you’ve found in such a short time."

Kamran smiled and said, "My new friends are very nice. They have helped me. But, I don’t know what’s been happening to me. I have been listening to a woman’s voice. I do not know why, but I followed her exact words. The kids say she is a goddess of this island. I have not seen her, but if I do, I will tell her thank you for giving me such wonderful friends."

"So you’ve been listening to San Thai as well," said Tiki. "Mapa has…"

"Mapa!" shouted Kamran. "You’ve seen her? Where is she? Is she okay? Oh, how I’ve missed her. I think about her all the time. Tell me Tiki, where is she?"

"Slow down Kamran. Mapa is fine," replied the dolphin. "You both are learning your lessons. Soon it will be time to see each other. But first, I must show you a very magical place. Are you ready to see the home of San Thai?"

"Sure! If Mapa is okay, I am feeling much better. I’m ready to following you. Can my new friends join us?"

While Kamran spoke to Tiki, the kids had made a stretcher out of leaves and woven bamboo. As they picked up the kangaroo, the princess came from the jungle with a necklace of flowers and placed it around his neck.

"Let’s get started," said Tiki. "Your friends can join us after they clean up in the ocean. Oh, I see you’ve met the princess."

"Is she really a princess, Tiki?" asked Kamran.

"She was really born to be a princess, but her parents made a mistake. She’s been living in the jungle for a long time. When her mother was young, she tried to have a child many times. Finally, she gave up. Then again, when she was older, she decided to ask San Thai for help. San Thai blessed her with this a beautiful girl, but her mother never returned to give thanks to the goddess. Now her parents have forgotten this gift. The girl might die anytime. If so, she will never become a princess."

"But San Thai spoke to me and lead me to her," Kamran protested. "Maybe San Thai wants me to help the girl. What should I do now, Tiki?"

"Just keep going, Kamran. We do not have a lot of time. First, you must speak with San Thai at her home."

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