Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 17 ~ The Goddess San Thai (Part 4)

Everyone in the village heard Mapa’s story. The princess’ mother remembered her childhood. She remembered making gifts to offer San Thai. She felt her mistake. She had never revisited San Thai to thank her for giving her a daughter. "Thank you, Mapa," she thought. "Now I know what we must do."

She spoke aloud to everyone and said, "For a long time our village has been poor with much suffering. Sickness is a big problem and fishing becomes harder and harder. People have died and some of us are hungry. It was never like this in the past. We need to do something.

"Now we need to have a festival for San Thai," she told the others. "We should remember her and say we are sorry. A festival can be our way of saying thank you for all that she has done for us. Then, maybe she will help us find our children."

One of the villagers asked, "What should we do to show San Thai that we remember her?"

"Before, I took her flowers, coconuts, candles and incense," said the mother. "I made small boats out of the coconuts and filled them with beautiful gifts. She is a woman, so anything that is beautiful would be a nice offering. I took all the gifts to the cave at the ocean and lit the candles and incense. I remember sending little boats into the ocean and asking San Thai for her blessing so that I could have a child."

All the people of the village started to make offerings for San Thai. They all felt like little kids again as they prepared for the big festival. Many laughed and smiled and forgot about their difficult times.

The princess’ mother reminded everyone, "The most important gift that you can bring San Thai is your love. This is each one’s own experience. How you show her your love may be as different as you are. Only one thing more I have to say - you must feel her."

All this was new for Mapa. She wondered if she might have done something wrong. Maybe that was why she could not find Kamran. She started crying.

When the princess’ mother saw her, she said, "Please stop. You have helped very much. I hope you will join us to see San Thai. I’m sure your friend is well and you will find him. Now is the perfect time for this festival. The moon is full. We should visit San Thai tonight."

The village met in the village center after sunset. They formed a parade and hiked through the jungle to the cave of San Thai. Everyone was dressed beautifully and carried wonderful gifts to offer the goddess. But, more importantly, as they marched, each person felt love. They sang old songs that had been forgotten in their village long ago.


Kamran watched the full moon rise. He felt that the moon was near. Her shining light helped to lead him and his friends to the goddess. They followed the beach to a giant mountain.

The place was very still. They gathered at the entrance of a large cave. As they entered, Kamran felt the inside was too beautiful to be made of dirt and stone. Even the smell was light and pleasant.

He sat next to burning candles and started thinking about Mapa. He had done everything that he was told and had always found what he needed. Only, now he did not know where Mapa was or what she was doing.

The princess started dancing and the kids sang a beautiful song to lead her on. Everything looked like a dream to Kamran. Everything he saw felt unreal.

Tiki jumped from the ocean and brought Kamran a great seashell. "This conch shell is a musical instrument from the ocean," he explained. "First, you should listen to what it has to say and then play its song."

Kamran followed Tiki’s advice. He listened first, then blew on the shell. Something strange happened next. He felt the vibrations of the conch and thought he heard a quiet music in the distant jungle. He felt they were not alone. The music grew louder as he continued to play.

The parade of singing people spilled from the jungle. The parents could not believe what they saw. Their children were gathered around the cave. Kamran and Mapa saw each other, but no one stopped singing.

The parents went to the ocean and gave their offerings to San Thai. No one knew why, but everyone started to cry. They felt such happiness and at the same time they cried. Their voices carried high into the night air.

The entire ocean was lit up by the candlelight from the coconut boats. The water looked like a sky full of stars. The moon shone into the cave. No one made a sound. Everyone felt only love pouring through their bodies.

Then, they heard the wonderful voice of San Thai. She said, "Please, everyone, welcome our new friends, Kamran and Mapa. They have done such lovely deeds for all of my people. We all will be together forever. This is the first time in my long life that I can say ‘thank you.’ Kamran and Mapa, your work together is like the work of God."

"I don’t know how to work like God," Kamran stuttered. "What do I have to do if I’ve changed?"

Everyone heard him and laughed.

Mapa and Kamran met together, kissed and hugged. Their tears filled their eyes and happiness filled their hearts. They were not aware of what happened around them. The Moonstone ball returned and they opened their eyes to a great surprise.

They had traveled back to the Terai and were now back in front of the door to the cave. Their friends watched and greeted them. They had seen Kamran and Mapa’s adventure in the Moonstone ball. Time had passed and now the monsoon was over. Everyone went out to play and celebrate the wonderful flight given to each by the Moonstone.


The locals of Railai Beach, Thailand still remember the goddess San Thai. Even though this story has been forgotten, people enter her cave (now called the Princess Cave) everyday. They give offerings, receive her blessings and say ‘thank you.’


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