Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 18 ~ Creation of Earth

One morning in the Terai, all the kids gathered around Chryst to watch a new production. The old turtle had cut bamboo and grasses to build a new structure. It looked like it might be a house, but if it was, it was certainly an unusual one.

The house was difficult to build. One piece of bamboo that sat beside the structure fell. The bamboo landed on Laxmi sleeping nearby. The startled rhino awoke and lowered her head to charge her attacker. But, when she saw all of the activity with Chryst and the kids, she understood what was going on. She began to help by moving large bundles of bamboo to safer locations.

All the kids and many animals began to help Chryst. This was a special day for everyone. Since Kamran and Mapa had returned from their last adventure, they followed a moon calendar. Each day had a special purpose. They wanted to say thank you to the Moonstone for helping them to fly. Today was the day for building.

Kamran was up early when Chryst started to search for bamboo. He was not excited to see what Chryst was doing because it brought back memories of the Heliplane. He decided that the best way to lend a hand was to gather food. He could also sample some treats as he went about the job.

Mapa sat on a nearby tree stump. She looked like a scientist trying to figure out what this project would be when completed. She noticed that it looked a little like a helicopter. This made her laugh. She understood now why Kamran was not directing the operation. She watched the others perform each task as a team.

Chryst smiled. He watched his helpers build the special structure. They were so involved in the project that nobody asked what they were building. They sang Kamran’s Sunshine song while they worked.

The project was finished and Kamran and Mapa watched from afar. They wanted to see if someone else would go inside for the first test. Maybe the whole building would explode. But, Chryst had his own strategy. He asked all the kids to gather candles and place them in a circle around the new structure. Now it was night and the structure looked wonderful. The house was made of four triangles on a square base.

Kamran asked, "What is this? All day I have felt very stupid. It looks like half of a crystal. What do you call this thing, Chryst?"

"Don’t worry," Chryst replied. Kamran was still restless. He pulled a couple of candles out of his pouch and handed one to Mapa. Mapa moved closer to find out what Chryst’s building could be all about. They entered the circle and a few younger animals backed out of their way. Now, Kamran and Mapa were quite famous.

"This structure is part of an old, old legend about how Earth was formed," continued Chryst. "This is a pyramid. It was used as the very first structure to create our planet.

"We can store food inside to keep it fresh. Let’s first test Kamran’s fruits and vegetables he’s been gathering." The kangaroo unloaded his pouch into the pyramid with the help of other animals.

Chryst asked if anyone was tired and who wanted to sleep. Everyone said, "No." Several bears said, "We want to hear the legend. How was a pyramid used to build Earth."

"Okay," replied Chryst, "but first, do you know what the Milky Way is?"

"Yes," said the oldest bear. "This is a group of millions of stars that look like a road through the sky."

"That’s right. But, really this is the place where new stars are born," added the old turtle.

"You mean, stars are born… Like kids and animals?" Kamran inquired. "What about the planets? Is there someone who creates them?"

"Of course," Chryst answered. "Planets are born just like mountains. Some mountains grow on the land and some in the oceans. Planets also grow differently. Those that move close to suns are able to have life. Others do not. Plants, animals and humans are a special part of a planet’s creation."

"Yeah, you’re right Chryst," said Mapa. "When we fly to other planets we always see different types of life. How is this possible? How far are the planets from the suns?"

"All planets have their own temperature and weather," said Chryst. "If a planet has a temperature similar to our own planet, it can also have life. Our Earth was born in the Milky Way. Then she moved closer to our sun."

"Oh, I see," Mapa said. "That is why we have life here. The first structure used to form Earth was a pyramid? How did the creator of Earth make the pyramid?"

Chryst started laughing at Mapa’s question. "It is better for you to find answers to your own questions. I have gathered a small stone for everyone with the help of the Moonstone. These stones are shaped into pyramids." He handed them out and everyone sat in a circle around the pyramid. They held the stones and relaxed.

Chryst felt he was very important. He looked like a teacher. Only he knew what would happen to his friends. First, they needed to see beautiful dreams. He would stay close to each of them and guide their progress. The ones that helped to build the pyramid started to fly first, then Kamran, Mapa and the others.

No one knew how long each would dream. They needed to fly very far to the time when Earth was created. "What can you see?" asked Chryst.

"I see lightning," Kamran said, "...clear skies and three letters. What are those? Wait, now I see a dark blue triangle forming out of a clear blue sky. Inside is a cross. But, it’s strange, like in a temple. The cross is starting to spin. Now I see an arch. It’s just like a rainbow!

"I don’t know what to watch first. Everything is together. Now the rainbow is going inside the triangle. I see water from the rainbow mixing with wind inside the triangle. What is this? The color is changing again. I see a yellow square… like a flat piece of land." The kangaroo started to laugh.

"I see Mapa sitting with five women and starting to sing." Kamran knew all the kids heard the song. They were all together. "Who are these women Mapa?"

"These are goddesses," she answered. "The one in blue is the Goddess of Space. The rainbow dressed one is for Water, the red for Fire, the green for Wind, and the yellow for Earth.

"I don’t know what they are doing, but their song is magical. They are trying to teach me. But wait… What’s happened? Look! It’s a big mountain growing from the square. It looks the same as the house that Chryst built." Everyone watched. They saw the half rainbow change into a complete ball. The growing mountain was very large. Half the mountain was inside the ball and half outside.

"Mapa, Mapa, where are you? I can’t see you," said Kamran

"Kamran?" yelled his friend. "Where are you?"

Kamran did not hear Mapa’s call. "I see lightning again," he said. Then he saw Mapa in the distance. She was still speaking with the one of the goddesses.

"This mountain is called Meru," the goddess explained. "It has four sides. One is white for diamond, one yellow for gold, one red for ruby, and one blue for sapphire."

Mapa had never seen such a huge mountain. She felt like a little insect. The women’s song grew stronger. It was hard for Mapa to follow because every time there were new words.

The Fire Goddess said, "Please follow me. I will show you what we will do next." The Earth Goddess was waiting for them. The Fire Goddess sang. Her song created fire on top of the mountain. The mountain became a volcano. Lightning sparked everywhere. The Earth Goddess started working. Her song created land with lakes and forests.

Chryst was worried. He could not find Kamran. The scene was changing very quickly, but Kamran never moved. He was sitting on a flower above the fire of the giant volcano.

"What are you doing?" Chryst asked him.

"I am resting," Kamran replied. "I have never seen such a huge flower. Mapa told me she saw a flower like this when flying with her grandmother. It’s a lotus, but Mapa’s must have been much smaller.

"Oh! Again, look… another cross and lightning! You never let me rest, Chryst. When you find me, I have always have to keep moving." When Kamran moved he saw a temple inside the cross and said, "I’m tired."

"I’m sorry Kamran, but it is not I that keeps you moving," said the turtle. "Your special gift for changing colors has allowed you to see many more details than your friends. It’s time to return. Don’t forget to bring Mapa with you."

"Don’t worry," said Kamran. "I see her."

When Kamran and Mapa awoke, all of their friends were still asleep. Chryst gave them water to drink and said, "Now you must rest. We will speak later."

Chryst needed to guide the others. He flew and found some of his friends close to the temple Kamran had seen.

Many small homes were close to the temple. He entered one home and found his tiger friend speaking with a tiger from the temple. Wandering further, he saw a large throne shaped like a lion’s body.

The throne rested on the four petals of a lotus flower. The backside of the throne was carved with images of the sun and moon. There, sat a godly old man. He did not speak. He only sent love. Everyone in his presence felt he was mother and father. He laughed and joked with all the friends of Kamran and Mapa.

There were many decorations. There were dragons, deer, peacocks, and many animals from the Terai. The guests felt at home. This was a temple in the sky.

There was a second floor for the gods and goddesses. The friends were happy when they saw San Thai was there to greet them. They had never seen her in person. She recognized everyone from their flight with the Moonstone. This was the first time Chryst missed Kamran and Mapa. He was not the only one. Laxmi spoke about how she enjoyed their company.

The temple’s third floor was for the students of the gods and goddesses. They were learning wisdom, truth and love. This learning would enable them to help others later.

The roof of the temple was a white dome. 13 steps led to the top that was crowned with a spire.

After the complete tour, Chryst said, "Okay, now it’s time to return."

The kids awoke around the pyramid. For the first time they felt how far they had really flown. They were a little tired. It was a strange experience. When they were in their dreams, everyone could fly and jump. The crocodile was happy. Now, he understood what Kamran had tried to teach him. All the elephants were able to fly like Mapa. Everyone told Kamran and Mapa what they had seen inside the temple.

"Where were we?" Kamran asked Chryst. "Please explain what happened to us. Why was there so much lightning and what were the goddesses singing?"

"Kamran, you saw the three letters first," Chryst began. "These were only the start of the creation. The lightning carried many smaller letters. The lightning stores all the information for the creator’s program to create something new. When the first three goddesses sang, they combined the elements water, wind and space. The goddesses for the other elements, fire and earth, joined them to create the great mountain of Meru."

"What was the giant mountain?" Kamran asked. "Was it the first pyramid?"

Chryst smiled. "You’re learning wisdom already my kangaroo friend. When the mountain pyramid was formed, our planet was at the center of the Milky Way. Only after that could Earth start its journey toward our sun.

"Who was the man inside the wonderful temple?" asked a tiger. "Did we meet God? Was he Earth’s creator?"

Laughing and smiling, Chryst replied, "Of course, you even visited his home. But you also saw that he has many friends and did not act alone."

"Why do I need to know this?" asked Kamran.

"Have you already forgotten what San Thai told you," Chryst answered. "Now you are like a god."

"So, does that mean I can create my own world with planets?" Kamran asked.

"… and a great temple?" added the crocodile. "Don’t forget to call us so we can help."

"Why are you crying, Mapa?" Kamran asked his elephant friend.

"I forgot to thank my five new, beautiful friends," Mapa answered. "They were such lovely women. I have already forgotten the song they taught me."

"Don’t worry," the kangaroo responded. "Now I really know how our pyramid should look. We need to fix everything, then we will fly again."


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