Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 19 ~ Island of Mu

"Listen," Kamran announced. "We need to color our pyramid. All the kids should to go into the river and find white stones. You, rhinos, go into the village and gather red bricks. Your face will scare everyone and they will give you anything you ask for. Mapa, take the elephants to the fields and gather yellow mustard flowers. What other color do we need for the final side of our pyramid? I forget."

Chryst could not answer. He laughed and held his stomach.

"Stop laughing Chryst," Kamran told him in a serious voice. "I remember! We need blue. Where can we find blue?" He paused to think. "Okay, I will try to find blue."

Everyone returned with all the colored items. They all knew exactly how the pyramid should look but no one could find Kamran. They went to work and Kamran came back much later with a full pouch. "Where did you find blue?" asked the crocodile.

"That’s my little secret," he said.

When he opened his pouch, everyone saw Kamran had a collection of used crayons, markers and ball-point pens. All were the color blue. He must have collected them from every village in the Terai.

When their pyramid was colored on the outside, it looked much better. Kamran decided the monkeys were small and would paint the inside next. He asked about the other animals about the decorations inside the sky temple. The monkeys all set to work under his direction.

Later, Chryst sat by the door and said, "Come on out of there! You cannot do everything. First you must teach yourselves wisdom, truth and love."

"What exactly is wisdom?" Kamran asked.

"Kamran, you will have wisdom when you know everything that your grandfather knows," replied Chryst.

"Ugh!" said Kamran with a frown. "I’ll need to fly and speak with him. I may be gone a long time."

"No, you don’t always have to fly to see your grandfather." Chryst assured him.

"Okay!" Kamran began. "We now know how Earth was created, but what was Earth’s first country?"

Chryst laughed. "Countries only came later. First there were eight continents made by the goddesses. Later, Earth changed. The first time animals and humans lived together was on the Island of Mu. After that was Atlantis."

"Where is Mu?" asked Mapa. "We should travel there."

"I’m sorry Mapa," Chryst replied with a laugh, "but Mu is now under the Pacific Ocean. Earth has changed many times since then. Do you remember the mountain pyramid of Meru? The fire on top was like a volcano. Mu had volcanoes also. One big volcano erupted and sank the entire island. This was another of Earth’s great catastrophes."

"If I asked my grandfather, will he be able to tell me about life on Mu?" asked Kamran. "What if I don’t find him again? Will I not be able to have wisdom?"

"You don’t have to find your grandfather," said Chryst. "If you find a time machine, you can visit there yourself. With a time machine, you can fly into the past or into the future. Maybe our pyramid will help."

"I see what you mean," Kamran said as though he really understood.

He entered the pyramid and closed his eyes. "Can you help us?" Kamran asked the pyramid without speaking. In less than one minute, Kamran felt a cool breeze and opened his eyes. He grabbed Mapa’s nose and pulled her inside. "Get ready, our time machine is working. Stay close to me so we can travel together." Mapa closed her eyes.

"Good-bye everyone. We will see you soon," she said. When she opened her eyes, she saw stars. Then she saw a great body of water below reflecting light into the pyramid. They were traveling somewhere. She pulled Kamran closer to her, but at the same time stepped on his toes.

Kamran did not want to look afraid or show his pain. He made a funny face and said, "We’ll be fine Mapa. Maybe someone is waiting to meet us on the Island of Mu." He thought for a moment, "They might even have some cake and ice cream. When was the last time we ate?"

Suddenly, they saw an island in the distance. Their time machine flew to the island and landed on a large mountain covered with forest.

"Where is our greeting party?" Kamran asked while he looked around. "I only see strange trees. Wow, they must 15 kangaroos tall." They heard a sound like a helicopter fly closely over head. They ducked down and covered their heads. Both looked with one eye.

"Very nice," said Kamran with a grin. "That’s a giant bird. I wonder if it’s hungry? Maybe he’s waiting for us to be his breakfast."

"I don’t know what animals live here. We better be careful," said Mapa. She picked a couple of large leaves from a big bush nearby. She covered most of her body and handed one leaf to Kamran.

"Maybe it’s better to stay up high," said Kamran with authority. "Let’s not go down the mountain. Let’s go higher and explore the area. I’ll scout ahead. Why don’t you try to look for something to eat. If you have something by the time I come back, I’ll be very happy. I should not be long."

Kamran moved forward slowly. He started with a few careful jumps, but then felt the wonderful weather and started to make big hops like he was back in the Terai. He sniffed while he jumped, just in case he ran across something to eat and Mapa had no luck. On his next jump, he stood on a big ball. It looked like a coconut. Kamran felt lucky.

The coconut-ball was strong. He jumped on it a couple of times. Crack! He saw a hole appear. It was an egg! A bird, the size of Kamran, broke through the remaining shell. "This bird is just a baby," he thought. "He must be hungry. Maybe he will lead me to food."

Kamran picked up a piece of the shell and looked inside. The shell had some water inside which reminded him he was thirsty also. His thirst would have to wait. He decided to hide in the nearby bushes where he could watch the baby. He was confused. "This egg is huge. It’s like a dinosaur egg. Could this baby bird be a dinosaur? Have I found wisdom yet?" He wondered.

Kamran did not wait long to get an answer to his question.

The mother (or maybe it was the father) bird returned. It brought food for the baby bird. Unfortunately, its lunch was a monkey. The baby bird did not mind. It started eating the monkey and making lots of noise. Kamran lost his appetite. His color changed to a dark green and he blended in with the bushes around him.

He saw the parent bird looked like a giant ostrich. The neck was long and its legs were thick and strong. It might run very fast. "Probably faster than a jumping kangaroo," Kamran thought. The bird had a large beak and its feathers were gray and brown. "If the baby could eat a monkey, what would the parents eat? What animal on Mu might eat the parent?" There were several questions on Kamran’s mind. None were interesting enough to make him to stay nearby.

He stayed in the bushes for cover and started moving quietly back down the mountain to find Mapa. He had enough information. Animals of this time ate other animals and the birds were as big as dinosaurs. "Could Mapa be in danger?" Kamran wondered. "We need to be more careful. If this is really the Island of Mu, where are the humans?"

Kamran found Mapa. She did not look normal. On her nose was tied a large blue bow. Kamran was shocked.

"What happened Mapa?" he asked.

"I saw the humans of this time," she said. "They are like gods and more than one and a half elephants tall. They have white skin, white hair, beautiful blue eyes and can fly! Their women have long, silky hair. They use telepathy to speak, so they must be very smart."

"How do you know that?" Kamran asked.

"I practiced with telepathy when we were on our last adventure," she said "Tiki said I have special talent."

"Is this why you have that funny bow on your nose?" he ask.

"Don’t forget. I am a woman. I need to look pretty," Mapa explained.

"Well, your experience was interesting," started Kamran. "If you had seen a bird as big as 15 kangaroos and one of their babies eating a monkey, I don’t know how pretty you’d be looking."

Mapa’s eyes grew to half the size of her ears. "Please, let’s leave this place. I think we’ve seen enough."

"My stomach’s feeling the same way," Kamran said. "I’ve gathered enough wisdom from this time. Now we know that the first humans were more like gods. The animals are very terrible. They have no language to speak among themselves."

They returned to the pyramid and went inside where they felt safe. Kamran’s nose was working fine. He immediately found the fruit he had stashed in the corner. All of it was still fresh. They shared a bunch of bananas and then Kamran asked, "Do you know of a time when animals are not so terrible?"

"Yes," said Mapa. "My grandmother told me about the other place Chryst mentioned."

"You mean Atlantis? Is that in the Atlantic Ocean? Do you know how to get there?" asked Kamran.

"No. But all we need to remember what Chryst has taught us," she said. "We must feel what we want and where we want to go."

The two friends thought of traveling to Atlantis during a time when animals were clever. Instantly, the pyramid took them on their next journey.


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