Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 2 ~ Life in the Terai

Kamran tried his best to comfort his friend Mapa. After traveling for such long time, they were tired. They fell into a deep sleep. When they awoke, animals surrounded them. Mapa became very excited. All the animals looked just like her! They had found a large family of elephants.

"Where are we?" asked Mapa.

"Welcome to Nepal, home of the world’s tallest mountain. This place is called the Terai," said the biggest elephant. "There are no mountains here. We live here in the grass and jungle. Where have you come from?"

Mapa and Kamran introduced themselves and told a short story about their trip. When they finished, all the elephants laughed. Their trip down the mountain was a perfect introduction to Mount Everest. They met other animals and showed their new friends how they learned to fly.

The elephants taught them how they live and play in the Terai. When tourists ride the elephants, they blow spouts of water overhead to wet the riders! Sometimes they sit down in shallow water and their riders tumble into the river. Other times the elephants run into the jungle and use the tree branches to tickle the tourists with leaves.

Mapa thought she could help her new friends by opening a flying school.

Unfortunately, the local elephants were worried. They were afraid of everything including birds and butterflies. Every time they tried to whirl their noses and tails, they broke all the nearby trees and bushes.

One elephant tried so hard, he fell over on his side. Another ended up with a knot in her trunk. Mapa was frightened for her elephant friends and other animals close by. She did not want anyone to get hurt. After a few days of hard work, she closed her school.

Kamran spent his time with his new crocodile friend. When the kangaroo saw the big reptile’s tail, he thought that they must be brother animals. "Why is he only using his tail for swimming?" he wondered. "Tails are for jumping." Even though the crocodile had short legs and a big head, his tail was much the same as a kangaroo tail. Kamran decided to teach his new friend how to jump.

The crocodile was ready to learn. He began to jump by following Kamran’s detailed instructions. When he first started, his giant mouth flapped open and closed. He tried harder, but could not keep his mouth shut. Birds and butterflies flew into his huge mouth.

Kamran saw the problem and took some rope from his pouch. He tied the crocodile’s mouth shut. This was an even bigger mistake. The poor crocodile could not breathe.

He blew up like a balloon and started to cry.

Kamran untied the rope. "I will never be able to jump like you Kamran," the crocodile said through sniffles. "My legs are just too small. You know, maybe tails are really better for swimming? Come on. I’ll show you how. We can play together in the water."Kamran followed the crocodile. A crowd of animals and children had gathered and were watching the two friends. Everyone wanted to see what would happen next.

Kamran watched carefully and listened to the crocodile’s instructions. They entered the water and started to swim. After a short time, laughter came from the shore.

Kamran was swimming okay, but as he swam, fish entered his pouch. This was his ticklish area. When he opened his mouth laugh, he could not control his breathing. This made swimming impossible.

Finally, he left the water. Once on land, he pulled the fish from his pouch and put them back into the water. All the kids and animals of the Terai had gathered to watch the show.

Mapa arrived. All of their new friends agreed that life in the Terai would be more beautiful if Kamran and Mapa stayed and lived with them. They were such a funny couple that life with them would always be exciting.

Later that night, they spoke about missing home. Kamran said to Mapa, "If we stay here, the Terai will become our new home and we will make many new friends."

"Your right!" said Mapa. "We can put on shows like before."

"We can even tell stories about are old friends and our trip across the ocean," added Kamran.

Mapa smiled and said, "I wonder if our new friends would like to know about Tiki?"

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