Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 20 ~ Atlantis and Meeting with Sphinx

"What’s that?" Mapa asked pointing with her trunk. Looking into the distance, they saw sparkling light.

"Is that Everest, again?" asked Kamran. "Are we back in Nepal?"

"Maybe it’s a diamond," Mapa teased him.

"Noooo, it looks like many diamonds," Kamran began. As they flew closer they could make out buildings. "Do you see that dark spot?" Kamran pointed to a great mountain. It was surrounded by light that was reflected from all the other buildings nearby.

"I see it, but everything else is so shiny and bright I can hardly see," said Mapa.

Kamran pulled sunglasses out of his pouch for both of them, but Mapa had already covered her face with the blue bow from the island of Mu. He told her, "You’re looking like a beautiful woman who veils her face so that no one can see."

"Don’t tease me. We need to feel where we are going. You know we must be careful on our journeys," she scolded. "Wow! This is some city. See how strange it looks. I see two big buildings. One is a temple for the sun and the other is a temple for the moon."

"How do you know that?" asked the kangaroo.

"Well, look closely. See that one? It has the face of a rabbit, just like the moon’s face when she’s full. Look at the other? It has same symbol everyone told us about on the thrown of Earth’s creator."

"You’re a clever lady Mapa. I knew I picked the perfect traveling mate. See there?" Kamran said pointing. "I see a giant lotus in one of the city squares. Do you see all the pyramids? Maybe that is where they store food?"

"Wait, wait," Mapa said in a cautious voice. "See those funny shapes flying in the sky? Where are they going?"

"They’re all going in the same direction. It looks like they are going to fly into that giant rainbow ahead." Kamran announced. "I see an opening. Some of the shapes are going inside. What is that?"

"I feel like we’re in danger. We must be careful," the elephant warned. "If one of those shapes touches us, we will die. Let’s move slowly and land. We should find out who lives here and where we are. Everything here is as beautiful as a dream. All the buildings are metal and glass. No wonder they were so shiny from above."

Kamran tried to look in all directions at once. "I enjoy this kind of adventure travel," he said. "I don’t see any bird bigger than a kangaroo. You think there are humans here?"

Mapa saw they were coming to an ocean. Its sandy beach looked like a perfect landing place. "Maybe we should go over there?"

Kamran saw the water and said, "Oh, I suppose you want to try to speak with some fish."

They flew lower and saw animals and humans. The humans were tall, a little fat and had wonderful faces. The animals had special hats on their heads and were speaking to the humans. "This is very interesting," said Kamran. "We have found exactly what we wished for."

The friends felt time pass quickly as they watched the area around the beach. The buildings nearby were silver and as the sun sank lower, their reflective colors changed to many shades of purple, blue and green.

Mapa saw giant, multi-colored fish scales on the beach. She picked up one of the scales with her nose. "If we cover our head with these, we may blend in with other animals."

"Don’t worry Mapa. If you act normally, everyone will know who you really are in a short while. A fancy hat will not be able to hide how different you are," Kamran assured her. "We are losing time. Let’s test our new outfits."

They found that there were no small fish in the ocean. All of them were huge. Mapa was very happy being around so many wonderful new sights. "Maybe we can find a home here and stay awhile. It’s all beautiful."

Kamran started jumping and Mapa started flying. They were feeling this was a magical time. They did not know where they were going and felt they were dreaming. No one seemed to notice them. They seemed to be invisible, but kept their hats on to be safe and protect them from the sun’s glare.

The humans all seemed young and strong. They laughed a great deal. The women wore jewelry and men wore big watch-like things on their heads. Sometimes they touched this hat and spoke to it like speaking with a friend.

After some time, Kamran began to feel his stomach. This city had nothing that looked like a house. All buildings looked like temples with small gardens. He wondered where everyone ate. "Maybe we should check the pyramids," he said as his stomach growled.

Then they heard a male voice. It seemed to know who they were and spoke directly to them. "First you need to rest."

The friends looked questioningly at each other and were a little frightened. They thought that no one could see them. "Who said that?" Mapa asked.

"I’m not afraid of this voice," whispered Kamran. "He sounds quiet. The voice is not like San Thai’s but very peaceful like hers." They saw a small pyramid in front of where they stood. Inside they found food and were able to sleep.

Through his dreams, Kamran flew into a bigger pyramid. He felt the pyramid was guiding him and his thoughts. "What is this? Where am I?" he asked.

The same voice from before answered, "You are a guest of Atlantis. Welcome."

Kamran was taken to a huge hall. "What is this city?" he asked, feeling the voice a friend.

"This is the city of Sedra," came the reply.

"What is this giant pyramid for?" the kangaroo inquired.

"You are in the pyramid of health. Sick people come here from great distances, even from other planets, to relax and heal," the voice answered.

"How do the animals speak with humans?" Kamran asked with excitement. "Are they friends? Why is there so much light here and why are all the humans so young? How is this possible?"

"One moment, my friend," started the voice. "You have many questions, but first, you need to solve a special riddle. Only then, shall I answer your questions."

Kamran saw he was not alone. Strange animals and other human forms were working puzzles with special pictures nearby. He was approached and given his own puzzle. He took it and found an open area were he could begin.

Before he finished, he saw the form of Earth. The picture showed eight continents covered with lakes and forests. The picture also included a strange figure. Kamran worked this part last. When it was complete, he saw a lion’s body with a human face. This was interesting even though it was confusing.

At the same time, Mapa also dreamed. She flew to the large, dark mountain they saw when first entering the city. She wanted to find out what this place was for. She felt that there must be life inside the mountain. She was right. When she first entered, she heard cries coming from somewhere deep within. Someone needed help.

At first, everything was dark and she could not see. When her eye’s adjusted to the light, she saw strange creatures. Some were animals that had the body parts of humans. Others where humans with the body parts of animals. One creature had the body of a monkey, but the face of a tiger. All the strange creatures were locked in chains.

The poor elephant was afraid. She was not ready to see such strange things, but felt she must continue. She silently walked past the creatures to see what else was inside the mountain. At the same time there were more cries. They grew louder. One voice sounded like a woman crying.

She saw a big hall with more of the same creatures. These were not chained and all of them were dressed in white. They were scanning big screens that looked like TV’s. Each screen showed the same image. When Mapa moved closer, she made out the picture. From deep within, Earth was being destroyed. She did not know how far she had gone, but did not stop.

"Who is crying?" She wondered. Then, she saw a woman’s face. She recognized her immediately as one of the five beautiful goddesses who created Earth. "They all must be here," she thought. "They need help."

Mapa had seen too much. She was lost and began to cry.

The elephant awoke to her own screams and was sitting next to Kamran. "What’s happened?" he asked.

"I have no time to explain. Please come, we have to help the goddesses we saw in the Milky Way. Something, or someone, may destroy Earth. Please bring food so that you will not be hungry. You must feel how we can help."

Kamran gathered food from inside the pyramid. He thought that Mapa had only seen a bad dream, yet he had never seen her so serious and unhappy. He could not say no. He forgot where he had gone in his dreams. He only asked his friend, "Where should we go?"

Mapa pointed from the doorway, "There!" she said pointing to the great, dark mountain. "Don’t you remember when we flew into the city? That is where I flew in my dreams."

"Okay," said the kangaroo. "Don’t worry. I’m ready. What else should we bring?"

Mapa thought for a moment. "Maybe candles. But, I wouldn’t know where to find any."

They followed the road, the same that had brought them into the city, for a long time. The city colors changed again from silver to blue. Up ahead, the scales on the beach were sparkling. "Maybe the day is almost over and night is coming," thought Mapa. She saw a big, white monkey on the beach ahead.

Kamran saw it too and said, "We don’t know how long we will be here and still we have not spoken to any of the animals."

Mapa made a face. She wanted to hurry. Maybe the monkey could help them find candles. They needed help to find a way into the mountain and free the creatures. She followed Kamran as he began to question the monkey.

"Who are you?" Kamran asked. "Why is your color so strange and how can you be twice the size of a kangaroo?"

The monkey was used to answering questions. "My name is Lowtsa," she said. "What is a kangaroo? I’ve never seen animals that look like you. Who are you?"

Kamran explained. "We are guests from a future time. We have traveled here to learn about a time when humans and animals may speak together. My name is Kamran, I’m a kangaroo, and this is Mapa, my elephant friend. But why are you white?"

"All animals that live with humans are white," Lowtsa answered. "We speak with humans and help raise their kids. We teach their children and give them homework."

"Where are the older humans? Everyone we see is so young," Kamran continued.

"You really are not from this time," Lowtsa smiled. "Humans live over 1,000 years. Men here have a connection with the sun god and women with the moon goddess. The gods help the humans to keep their bodies young. Humans decide when will be the best time to leave their bodies.

"Usually, animals of one family stay with one human family. My parents and grandparents before me lived with the same human family I am with now. My human family’s children are very clever and have many questions. I come here to rest and relax."

Mapa interrupted Kamran before he could ask another question. "We must explain to Lowtsa what we need," she said to the kangaroo. "Maybe she can help. What is the story about the great mountain?" she asked the great, white monkey.

Lowtsa bowed her head and spoke in a low voice. "Oh, that mysterious place? No one really knows what happens there. Scientists from other planets enter their starships through the rainbow colored shield above our city. They spend most of their time inside the mountain."

Kamran looked at Mapa with pride and said, "You are one clever elephant. How did you know the rainbow was a shield?"

"Because I listen to more than my stomach," she said to quiet Kamran. Then she continued with the monkey. "I had a dream inside the mountain and saw many frightening things. Creatures are prisoners there. Some are crying and all of them seem to need help. They look like humans and animals that share different body parts. How can we help them, Lowtsa?"

"Oh, Mapa… stop!" Kamran interrupted. "I just remembered. I saw the same thing. It was a lion with a human face. When you woke, you were screaming. You had so much emotion, I forgot my dream. Now I remember a huge pyramid. Where is this pyramid and who was the lion-man in my dream?"

"This is our master," replied Lowtsa. "His name is Sphinx. The pyramid you saw is the Pyramid of Healing and Health. When animals or humans are sick, they go to visit Sphinx for help. When the other people from other planets come to visit, they always go to his pyramid to relax first. Sphinx loves to joke. Did he give you a riddle?

"Yes," said Kamran. "It was a picture puzzle."

"Now I understand," said the monkey. "He wants to help you. You must be nice guests. Sphinx often helps us with our problems. Kamran, when you saw him, he was also guiding Mapa. How else could she have entered the secret mountain?"

Mapa saw that Lowtsa understood. Maybe she could help. "Do you know where we can find candles? Will you help us?"

"Wait, wait! I have friends who can help us," she began. "There are animals in the jungle that do not work with humans. They have a restful life. Sometimes I go to visit them when I have time. I have heard them speak about a secret road through the jungle to the mountain. We never really believed the terrible stories about what happens inside."

Lowtsa told them more about life in Sedra and her master Sphinx as they began to walk. When there was a pause in their questions, they all looked up and saw they were in the jungle. The monkey called to one of her tiger friends and explained the truth about the dark mountain. She asked about candles.

The tiger sent another animal for candles. Then he explained where they could find the mysterious road that was known to lead to the mountain. It went underground and animals that went inside sometimes did not return. As it began to get dark, they lit the candles and found the road.

After they had walked a short way, the road went lower. They entered a cave that narrowed to a long tunnel. They went deeper and heard crying in the distance. Lowtsa and Kamran had the same feelings as Mapa. They felt so much suffering. How were they going to help?

Then they heard the encouraging voice of Sphinx. "Do not be afraid. Keep going." They quickened their steps and entered the first of the great halls with the strange creatures. Like a miracle, all the locks and chains were released.

Mapa was watching closely. She said, "All of these creatures cannot see. They must be blind."

Lowtsa read Kamran and Mapa’s thoughts. They must be wondering why it was so simple to free the creatures from their chains. She explained what she had only heard in stories. "The locks use a special key. When we entered, the light of our candles opened the locks. When these creatures are required to work, all the lights are turned on and they are freed. The locks stay open until darkness is used to lock them back into place."

They entered other rooms and used candlelight to free all the creatures. Kamran felt hungry, which was normal for him when he worried. He dug into his pouch for an apple that he had been thinking of for a long time. Sphinx had provided food in the pyramid where they had slept. Kamran thought about using telepathy and sent Sphinx a big thank you.

The kangaroo took a bite from the apple. Crunch! The creatures heard and reached out their hands and paws. They were hungry. Kamran quickly gave out all the fruit he carried.

Once again, Mapa saw something interesting. "Look," she said. "This is another miracle. They are starting to see."

"Usually, they are only fed vitamin tablets," Lowtsa explained. "Giving them real food has helped their eyes."

Kamran understood why Sphinx had made sure of a large food supply, but the kangaroo was still worried. "Hurry, hurry," he said to everyone. He wanted to lead the group to freedom. The sun would rise soon.

Mapa worried. "Could they escape quickly enough?" Many of the creatures were sick and had problems moving their bodies. Kamran guided everyone into the tunnel. The return trip seemed much shorter. Maybe Sphinx was helping them again. They all seemed to have great strength to make their escape.

Finally, they saw light. When everyone left the tunnel, they heard a giant roar from behind. The sound was so loud that rocks crashed to the ground and sealed the tunnel entrance. Now the creatures felt free. When they turned to see what had happened they were all surprised.

"Is it really you?" Kamran asked.

Before them stood Sphinx! His body was strong. Mapa felt his huge eyes were full of understanding and love. His body was a golden color to match the sun. He was laughing.

"Yes, my beautiful friends," he said in a deep voice. "It is I."

"All this time you were leading us?" Kamran inquired.

"No, my kangaroo friend. I was always near, but you lead the way."

"Ahhh," Mapa said with a great sigh. "That’s why we saw so many miracles!"

"I am not sure if they were miracles. I, like you two, only wanted to help my friends. But, one thing I am sure of… If all animals of the future have souls as wonderful as yours, Earth will never have another catastrophe like the one that is coming."

"Why will there be a catastrophe?" Kamran asked.

"Earth has many different people now," explained Sphinx. "Some people only want to use her and cannot feel how beautiful she is. Everyone is as not as clever and sensitive as Mapa." He looked at the elephant with warm eyes and asked, "Do you have questions?"

"Oh, yes!" she said. "I’m wondering how we can help the goddesses."

Sphinx held one of his large paws to Mapa’s face. She could see the same strange watch-like device that covered the heads of humans and animals.

"What is that?" she asked.

"This is not only a watch, but also a computer," he began. "This is how we speak to other planets. We can speak and have access to large amounts of information. Now, we will send an invitation to all of our friends who love Earth."

The image of the jungle began to change around them. Many interesting people came. Some were large and some small. They had different body shapes and a variety of skin colors. One gift they all had in common. They spoke using telepathy. Many brought herbs and began to work with the sick creatures. Others found a clearing in the jungle and made a great fire.

Mapa began to hear music. She looked around and saw that the Earth goddesses were beside her. The music changed very quickly. Even though no one sang, the music was beautiful. This music touched Mapa’s heart. The vibrations traveled up and down her body. She felt she could fly and hum this melody forever.

Feeling the music, the others also changed. Everyone’s eyes filled with love. All the humans, animals and creatures felt as one family.

Mapa felt her heart growing larger. It filled with love. She wanted to hug and kiss everyone she saw.

Kamran could read her thoughts and said, "No! No! Mapa! How can you kiss me with such a big nose? What will happen to my face?"

"Oh, Kamran. Now you understand telepathic language?" she asked.

"Yes, I am changing also." Then he looked at Sphinx and asked, "What will we do now?"

"My dear friends," he said to the crowd. "I have invited everyone here to give love to Earth. It is time for us to sing her a special song. She’s our home. But, I will tell you a secret. I feel her like I feel a beautiful woman. She is Mother Earth."

"Please, Sphinx," Kamran inquired. "Tell me about the puzzle I saw in my dream."

"I have been waiting for that question," said the lion-man. "You are growing very quickly and now you are on a search for the wisdom of Mother Earth. Since this riddle was interesting for you, I gave you the puzzle. You saw Mother Earth immediately after her creation. There were with eight lands. Each land has a different history about its life."

"Uh oh," said the kangaroo. "I’m feeling that this is another big puzzle. Will I have to understand all of these stories before I have wisdom?"

"No," said Sphinx. "There is something more important. You only need to love. You must love Mother Earth even without knowing her past. This is one of the keys for wisdom."

Mapa understood and smiled at Sphinx. "What should we do next?"

"Soon you will fly back to your friends, but first I have a surprise. Sit close to me and close your eyes." Kamran and Mapa did as he requested.

The Sphinx guided them on a flight and told many stories of his life. Telepathy made it easy to tell many details. They flew over oceans and land. Finally, Sphinx asked them to look down. What they saw before them was much different from Atlantis. They were surprised to see three great pyramids in the middle of a desert.

Sphinx took them lower and the next sight was a giant statue. It was a monument of the lion-man. He told them that they could visit him whenever they wanted in their own time. All they had to do was travel to Egypt.












































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