Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 21 ~ Celebration for Mother Earth

After their lessons with Sphinx, Kamran and Mapa said good-bye and thank you to their new friend. They traveled in their pyramid and slept. When they recognized Mount Everest, they knew they were close to home.

All their friends greeted them with great hugs and cheers. There was not a dry eye in the Terai.

"You don’t know how much I missed you," Mapa told her friends. "We have many interesting stories to tell. One lifetime may not be enough. I feel I need to say a great big thank you to all our friends here, in the sky and on our travels. We should invite everyone here for a celebration in honor of our Mother Earth.

Everyone knew just what to do. They gathered wood for a giant fire. They brought wonderful gifts for their mother.

Kamran worked many hours under a tree. Friends gathered to learn his new song. He wanted to say thank you to Mother Earth in a special way.

Mapa gave her blue bow from Mu to Chryst. "But why?" asked the turtle.

"Because you are special," she said. "You are our first teacher and I love you very much."

Mapa heard Kamran’s song and started to dance. She started twirling and moving faster and faster. She used her nose to kiss everyone near by. One young boy was not ready and when she spun, she knocked him into a nearby tree.

She apologized for sending him flying, but he told her not to worry. "From up here I can sit and call to all our friends." With his hands cupped around his mouth he yelled, "Join us one and all! Come celebrate for Mother Earth! Come show your love!"

Laxmi joined her friends. When the rhino sang with Kamran, she felt her heart grow larger. She said, "You know, you guys have traveled much more than all of us. But, each one of us feels we have grown. The Terai has become a paradise for us. Thank you for joining our family."

"Mapa has felt the right time for a celebration of love," Chryst announced. "Our celebration will be perfect. Today is the full moon. The Moon Goddess will certainly be with us. The party will begin when everyone has arrived. Everyone should invite all their family and friends to the party."

"I’ll send a message to my grandmother," Mapa said. "She can help me invite Big Bear and his friends and the five goddesses."

"I will tell my grandfather, Tiki, and the bird god Lord," added Kamran. "They will invite San Thai and the people of her island."

"I’ll tell Kundalini and their friends," said Mapa. "Sphinx can invite our friends from Atlantis."

"How many people can we invite?" asked Kamran.

Chryst winked at him and said, "How many friends do you love? How many do you feel in your heart?"

The celebration lasted for a long, long time.

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