Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 6 ~ Mapa's First Flight

The three friends moved slowly into Chryst’s truck. Kamran and Mapa where tired. Building the Heliplane had been big work. Kamran did not jump and Mapa shuffled her feet as she walked.

Only Chryst felt wonderful. Now his friends were calm. He had been waiting for them to relax. He gave his friends water and said, "Please drink some water, but not too much. You cannot go tee-tee when you fly in the sky."

Kamran and Mapa were too tired to speak or laugh. They only followed Chryst’s instructions and drank the water. Then, they sat back in the soft seats of the truck. The turtle hummed a strange song and his two friends quickly fell asleep.

Kamran was the first to wake. The sun was already high in the sky. It was past two o’clock. He jumped from the truck and started singing a song. He sang about how happy he was and about how strong he felt after his nap. He felt he had been away for over a month. He listened while his stomach grumbled, "I want to eat carrots."

Chryst awoke and started laughing. He had never seen a kangaroo picking and eating carrots. Kamran did not know to wash them first. He bit a carrot and spat out the dirt. Then he started rubbing the carrots on his body. He quickly covered his body with dirt. He jumped to different spots, but his tail kept crushing all the carrots in the rows behind him.

Their rhinoceros friend, Laxmi, heard Chryst laughing. When she saw Kamran, she also laughed. He looked like he could use some help. She lowered her big horned nose and charged the ground. Carrots flew in all directions. Most of them landed on top of Kamran.

Now the kangaroo was excited. "Thank you, thank you," he said. "You truly are a great friend." Kamran put one carrot in his mouth and one in his pouch. Soon his mouth was full, so he tried to fill his pouch.

When Kamran finished his breakfast, Chryst said, "Next time you should eat papayas."

Kamran looked down at his dirty body. "Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Papaya picking I know. It is much cleaner work."

"Because you did not ask," replied the turtle.

"Oh!" said the kangaroo nodding his head. "Where is Mapa?" He jumped into the truck. "She looks dead."

"That’s exactly what she thought the first time she saw me flying," replied the turtle.

"What are you doing with us?" asked Kamran. "I am more hungry than I have ever been in my life and Mapa is still asleep. She must be hungry too."

Kamran grabbed some carrots from his pouch. He placed one in Mapa’s mouth and stuck two in her trunk. Mapa awoke and started laughing. The two carrots flew from her nose and hit Kamran on the head. She started to chew the other one in her mouth. Yes, she was very hungry.

"Where is my new friend, Big Bear?" she asked.

"Who?" asked Kamran.

"Wow, I was really flying. I went to another planet. She was beautiful. Two moons circled around her. At night the whole planet was pink. Flowers were as big as trees and all the different scents were wonderful. There were fish that had their own song about life on the planet. At night, they sang a lullaby for all their friends.

"The clouds around the planet looked like different animals. I forget how I met my Big Bear friend. He told me that he knew my name was Mapa. He also said he knew that I wanted to fly like the clouds. Then, he offered to help me.

"He told me I must really, really want to fly. Then he touched me. My body glowed pink and then we started to rise into the sky. I felt my body was like a giant balloon. The planet looked like one big flower.

"When I saw a dark hill, I asked what it was. Big Bear smiled and said that the hill was really a dinosaur. He said that when animals on the pink planet are sick, they lose their pink color. ‘That dinosaur needs our help,’ he said.

"We used a large pump to give it water. One end of the pump had a hose that we placed in a special saltwater lake. The other end of the pump had a hose that we inserted into the dinosaur’s mouth. My job was to work the pump. I pumped up and down for a long time.

"When I pumped the saltwater, I kept feeling that the dinosaur and Big Bear where very close friends. I was never afraid. When I looked at Big Bear, he looked back and I knew he felt what I was thinking. He started to tell me about lots of interesting things.

"He said the planet had no chemicals and all her medicines came from plants. The saltwater lake was used to heal inside the body. He showed me trees with large flowers. We took yellow pollen from inside the flower and made big balls. Each time he formed a ball, he threw it to me to rub on the dinosaur’s skin. The balls smelled of pineapple and were very sweet. I even got to taste a few.

"Big Bear told me I was very beautiful and looked nice with my new pink color. After our work, the dinosaur opened its eyes and felt much better. Big Bear said that we could leave, but this was strange to me. I told Big Bear that I usually stay close to my friends when they are sick. When I touch them, bring them food, and tell them funny stories, my friends usually feel better more quickly. After a short time they start laughing, singing and jumping."

"Oh! You did remember me," interrupted Kamran. He was jealous of Mapa’s new friend.

"Kamran, I do not want to forget anything. Please be quiet and listen. Big Bear told me that the planet where I was born was special. He said our Earth has Love."

"What did he mean by that?" asked Kamran.

"Big Bear said only friends with a big heart can heal others." Mapa paused. "I know I saw many other wonderful things. But now I can’t remember. I forget, I forget..." she began to cry.

She did not see that many of her friends had gathered around to listen to her story. Many watched her with opened mouths. They did not know how to help Mapa or stop her tears.

Chryst moved toward Mapa. He had found a bucket and a paintbrush. He started to paint Mapa pink. "Don’t cry, Mapa. Now you’re pink just like in your dream. You should remember all of your friends in the sky."

All the animals and children smiled and cheered for Mapa. "Oo-Rah, Mapa! Oo-Rah, Mapa!"










































Meet Mapa's new friend in the Sky
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