Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 7 ~ A Happy Day for Mapa

Mapa was very happy. Her first flight had been very exciting. Some of the animals of the Terai put her in the middle of a large blanket and threw her into the air. Chryst made up a song about a pink elephant and many other kids and animals gathered to celebrate. All the animals agreed that Mapa’s new color looked very beautiful.

Kamran decided that today would be a Pink Day Celebration. He began painting everyone. He painted his crocodile friend, the rhinos, many birds and the children.

Mapa repeated her story many times for all the others. She felt like a hero the entire day. Kamran was a little jealous of all of the attention paid to Mapa. He thought, "What can I do to make everyone watch me?" He wondered if he could do something that would make all of the animals and children speak only with him.

He found two large bamboo tree trunks and made them into a pair of stilts. He began walking way up high. He was as tall as some of the trees. But walking is common on stilts. Kamran wanted to see if he could use them to jump. If he could jump using the stilts, he would really be a hero. Everyone would see him.

When Kamran jumped, he did not watch where he was going to land. Usually he looked up for fruits or nuts. His first jump using the stilts was shaky but successful. The second jump was a little better. On the third jump, he did not see the crocodile nor the crocodile’s tail below him.

"Ouch!" yelled crocodile.

One of the bamboo stilts had landed on the crocodile’s tail. He swung around and bit the stilts with his giant mouth.

Crack! The bamboo broke in half and Kamran flew through the air.

The kangaroo’s head hit a nearby tree. Bonk! The tree shook and seedpods fell on many friends nearby. The pods split open and cotton puffs floated like feathers in all directions. Now, everyone frowned at Kamran and wanted to speak with him. This was not exactly what he had wished for.


After a while, everyone turned back to Mapa. Every time she told her story, she remembered a little more about flying. One kid said, "Mapa, you have told us many beautiful stories about Big Bear. What about your grandmother, did you speak with her?"

Mapa looked excited and replied, "Oh yeah! Thank you, now I remember. When I started flying I met many stars and planets. Some were blue, some were yellow, and some were green. When I saw the pink planet, I felt that it was my planet. The first animal I met was my grandmother. She looked so pretty. Many other animals where with her, not only elephants. There were dinosaurs, turtles and many others.

"She told me a story about Earth. I cannot believe how wonderful the stories are about our planet. Earth is beautiful. She looks like a blue pearl from the sky. Her husband is our sun. Earth has many other stories about her life and those who have lived here. Grandmother said the Island of Mu, the land of Atlantis and the Sphinx in Egypt are just a few of Earth’s many interesting tales.

"I asked my grandmother why she had never told me these stories before. She said that this was only the first time she had met me… she told me she loved me very much… she said she had been waiting for me for a long time… but I was not ready to travel to see her... now, I had traveled a long, long time to see her.

"I could hardly speak with her. I felt so much love for her and started to cry. I felt we would always be next to each other… like we would never really be apart. I asked her why she lived on the pink planet and why she did not come back to live on Earth."She explained to me that our planets where born in the same place. Many planets have life in the Milky Way. She said that now was her time to live with Big Bear in the sky. Big Bear is her close friend. She finished her story and told me to wash my hands before eating. When I went to wash, I met Big Bear.

"Big Bear took me to see his many planets. I forgot to wash my hands, I forgot to eat, and I forgot to kiss my grandmother good-bye. Now she has lost me again."

Mapa’s story came to an end and tears filled her eyes. She sniffled through her great big trunk.

"What a great adventure you have had," Chryst said while smiling like a proud father. "Now you know the path and the place where you can learn. If you only knew how many stories and new friends are waiting for you. This is only the beginning."

Mapa smiled back at him. "Is all of this really true? Will I be able to fly again?"


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