Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 8 ~ Kunda and Lini (Part 1)

That night, Kamran decided to sleep next to Mapa. He gathered food and soft leaves. Who knew how long one flight might last?

He thought sleeping next to Mapa would allow him to fly also. Laxmi helped him gather items for the trip. The rhino knew Kamran loved sweet treats and found the best trees for their fruits. She really did not understand why Kamran needed so much food. His face was very serious. She knew to be quiet and just help him with his work.

She told Kamran, "Your work must be very important. I do not understand everything, but I will help you." When Kamran started to explain all the details, he hopped around and his voice grew louder. He did not realize how excited he was. Many of the other animals heard him in the distance. They knew that Kamran had decided to fly!

Others also thought sleeping next to Mapa might allow them to fly. When Mapa lay down to sleep, Kamran and all the other friends were near. There was a great big circle of leaves and fruit. From above, the animals and children looked like they were on a big spaceship made of leaves.

Only Chryst sat by his favorite tree and laughed quietly. He knew when all of his friends slept together like one body, they would act as a single heart. He felt this night’s flight would be magic for all of them.

Mapa understood her heart was growing. Would she grow as big as the pink planet? The next time she opened her eyes, her grandmother’s large nose was tickling her behind the ear.

"Hello my darling Mapa. I love you. You are growing so quickly. Life on Earth is beautiful for you."

"I miss you so much. I have missed you for such a long time," Mapa said "Meeting you and hearing your stories are a dream come true. Please tell me about the first time people came to Earth. You know everything."

"Oh, this is a long, long story," said her grandmother. "Your friends were smart to plan for a big trip. Are you ready to hear a lovely story?"

"Yes, yes. Please tell me," said Mapa.


Mapa’s Grandmother began the following story:

A long time ago, when Earth had only animals, there were few places to live. The weather was very strong. The animals had a king like humans do now. Their king was a big ape named Zoros.

All of the other animals were afraid of him because he was clever and strong. He decided when and where they would eat, drink and sleep. He even decided when the other animals could have babies. Some animals received the best food and water and others did not. The ape king decided everything for everyone.

He knew many facts, but one he did not know. There was a small snake, named Kunda, living in his kingdom. During the day Kunda was white. At night he changed color. He lived in an egg in the middle of a flower. The flower floated in the middle of a large lake.

The snake was not alone. Many of his brothers and sisters lived in this place and helped him.

Every day Kunda would work. He called all of the animals his "little friends." He loved caring for everyone. If one was sick or hungry, he would always be there to help. His little friends did not even know what he was doing. He was truly magical.

One day, Kunda was very busy. A lion cub was sick and cried loudly.


"The same as me?" asked Mapa.

"Oh yeah," said her grandmother.


She scratched behind Mapa’s ears and continued...

Kunda sat under a tree after working with the lion cub. He was tired and looked up at the wonderful sky. As he watched the sky, he saw the clouds and the brightly shining sun.

He fell off to sleep. When he slept, he kept one eye open and one eye closed. He saw beautiful colors appear before him. He decided these colors must be a gift for having worked very hard. A beautiful song came into his heart and he hummed to himself as he rested.

When he watched the colors more closely, he realized there were many, many bubbles in the sky. The bubbles floated in every direction. He saw a bubble hit a tree very close to him and pop. Another landed on the grass and another on a rock. Every time they hit something, they popped.

One bubble flew slowly and carefully. The bubble was very beautiful and Kunda thought it was looking for a place where it would be safe. The bubble came to rest on a flower with many petals. It was green. It had no eyes, ears, nose, face, legs nor hands.

How could it eat or speak? Kunda watched closely and saw the bubble change. He saw little fingers appear, then eyes and a mouth. The bubble started eating the yellow pollen inside of the flower. Kunda asked, "Who are you?"

"I am Lini," replied the bubble. "I am the child-daughter of another planet. Who are you?"

"I do not know. I look like a snake. But I am not like other animals. My friends and I cannot eat others. We do not fight, scream or roar like the other animals of this place. We call the them our little friends. If you would like, I will introduce you to my brothers and sisters. We have a beautiful home in a lotus flower. Would you like to follow me?"

"Perhaps later," replied Lini. "For now I must see if my own brothers and sisters have found other friends. I am happy to meet you. You may help me live on this planet. But I must know that my other friends have also found someone as kind as you."

Kunda said, "I will help you."

They began to search for other bubbles that had partnered with Kunda’s brothers and sisters. All of the others had met at flowers that the bubbles could land on.


Mapa listened closely to the story. She felt she was with Kunda and Lini and wanted to help them find all of their friends. When she awoke from flying, the sun was very high and felt hot on her skin.

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