Kamran and Mapa
First Travel Book

Chapter 9 ~ Kunda and Lini (Part 2)

"Where’s my grandmother?" Mapa asked when she awoke. Many of her friends slept nearby. All the other animals and kids began to awake.

First Kamran yelled, "Wow! How beautiful. That was the first time I have ever seen two moons. Both were so big and pink. I was able to jump from one moon to the other in a single jump. I was really flying. One of the moons spoke to me and told me her story. She said that a long time before, our moon was alive and could perform many miracles. Now the moon is the grandmother of Earth.

"If anyone wanted to eat chocolate cake or a juicy apple, they only needed to think about it and it would happen. It was nothing like now. Sometimes I must to jump and jump just to find one apple.

"The ocean on one of the moons was fantastic. I could swim, run and jump in the water. There was one girl kangaroo who was very beautiful. Oh, where is my new girl friend?" Kamran exclaimed. "She lived near a mountain and was a wonderful dancer."

"Wait, wait, wait," said Laxmi. "I heard a story and saw such a powerful ape king. He had only three friends who loved him. All the other animals were afraid of him.

"One of his friends was a very terrible hyena who ate dead animals and had a mean laugh. Another friend was a cobra who knew everything about many topics. She was the bodyguard for the ape and had a tail like a drumstick. There was also a giant eagle. He would capture little animals and bring them back for lunch for the ape and his other friends.

One boy began to cry. "I did not see everything that you saw. How come?"

"Maybe you did not eat beautiful vegetables before you tried to fly," scolded Kamran.

Chryst could only laugh at Kamran’s new-found wisdom. "Okay! Next time, when we are preparing to fly, Kamran can cook a big dinner for our whole family of friends."

Kamran was not finished. "Maybe you did not clean your teeth before trying to fly or did not go to the bathroom before going to sleep." Everyone laughed as Kamran advised to the little boy. They all understood the importance of preparing for sleep. Watching interesting dreams was wonderful.

"Chryst," slurped Kamran. "Why are you always laughing and smiling when you watch us? You act as if we are little kids and you are our mother and father," asked Kamran.

Chryst could hardly understand Kamran because he was eating a juicy pineapple. One piece flew from his mouth and hit Laxmi in the eye. One flew at Mapa, and one piece flew and hit the turtle’s shell but bounced back into Kamran’s face.

"How many times have I told you," said Mapa. "Don’t speak with your mouth full. If you could see your own face, you would know why. You look like a big, sticky pineapple." All the other friends held their tummies and laughed.

"Okay," said Chryst. "We each have our own lessons to learn. We have spare time now and should continue our life here on Earth. Everyone should return to your families. The day is not very long and we will fly again soon if you wish."

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