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Shamanism in Thailand

Lisu Hilltribe people practice animism in Northern ThailandIn the north-western reaches of Thailand, on the eastern edge on the Himalayan foothills, lies the 700 year old city Chiang Mai. Conceived and built on astrological and military strategies, this modern Thai city is the focal point for Life Events workshops, private sessions and other activities.

Fire Rituals on the New Year by Akha Hilltribe in ThailandThere is adequate evidence to suggest that human habitation in this area goes back several ten thousands of years. Within the core of today's local Buddhist practices is a devotion that allows reverence to nature and supernatural phenomena. Many ritual activities have evolved from traditional animistic beliefs to make the distinction between Shamanism and Buddhism difficult.

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Life Events has been put together to create a venue for Shamanistic Studies and Initiations through individual spiritual consultations and group workshops.

Individual Consultations

An individual consultation is the way to begin your journey when you first come to Chiang Mai. Here is a chance to find our about your personal life-program and the work you may do while in Thailand.

Group Workshops

See our calendar or contact us for more information. Key to Happiness Workshops and Retreats
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