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Merkaba of Love

Guidance for Self-love, healing, and abundance

You have come to the school of life to learn wisdom, truth, and, most importantly, love. On the course, through master channels and the model “Merkaba of Love” become who you are and who you were in past lives. You will see and benefit from everything through their experience for the benefit of themselves, the people around them and the planet. You will work on the following aspects: health, money, partnership, karma. Making yourself better, luckier, more successful, building your own happiness.

A Little history

In our solar system, the highest consciousness is not in man, but in nature. One of the important destinations - learn to care for the nature that is around us. To be closer to the ground, learn to talk with trees, understand them. The same with animals. It is a part of shamanism, and we must understand that our ancestors owned it. But when we went deep into technical and scientific progress, we have broken away from our roots. “Merkaba of Love” is when you find, restore, and clean yourself from various damages. Curses and spells at least 7 generations back by their kind.

Nasa Images

Nasa Images

This is for starters. Next, we build a crown for contact with the galaxy. Galaxy same includes the Pleiades and the Orion, the Big Dipper and our Solar System. We build such a big tree. And we can already get a lot from our roots. To find our talent, that our tribal system possessed, receive a blessing on what we do. After that, it becomes more clear why we are being pulled in one direction or another. We awaken in ourselves genetically incorporated programs and through them we restore ourselves.

Reunite with our kind and go for expansion. Appearing with more awareness, feeling like a protector of the race. Through understanding your mission, the feeling of loneliness disappears. (Because now all the branches removed). And in the end, we incarnated only in their great-grandmothers and great-grandparents.

After completing the course, we fall into a state of magic and find happiness. Feel, as in childhood: the feeling that you are not alone, full of power, a great desire to grow. And so when there is a desire to grow, then we build this big tree with an extension upwards, associated with the Solar System as a whole and with each planet separately.

The course

Prepare for an ascension, thanks to the unique masters who draw knowledge from higher schools of learning; not from earthly masters who missed this knowledge. Depending on the level and interest of the group, more emphasis will be placed on areas of interest (ie. finance.) But, without fail, will be worked out for health, and programs for failure, which are many in any family, and which you yourself could put to use. This cleansing will be done so that each sphere is realized in full. You will work with rejuvenation, cleaning, removal of all karmic diseases and building a new space-energy body; use of the unique “Merkaba of Love” model and various techniques, such as: shamanism, meditation, karma yoga, numerology, astrology and many others.


Connect with the Higher Mind through the “Merkaba of Love” model, within which there is a pink crystal of double protection (scrolling) of a Merkaba form. Working like the key by which the body changes at the DNA level. Interact with unique masters and teachers who will allow to work on other vibrations and change your life at a deep level. Teachers with whom it is possible to work independently, supporting what has already been gained. The opportunity to work at a high level of energy, to reach which in everyday life is almost impossible.

Criteria for participation in the course

(how to understand that you are ready):

  • Be honest with yourself

  • Openness

  • Self-disciplined

  • Responsibiliy - if you make a decision, then you follow this path.

You can:

  • Improve health by erasing a program for ill health and unleashing karmic nodes associated with various diseases;

  • Improve the financial situation by erasing the program for lack of money

  • Clear the karma by cleansing the karma from spoilage, slander and curses for at least 7 generations ago

  • Build a family tree of love

  • Harmonize partnerships by erasing the loneliness program in order to find a partner, or harmonize relationships with an existing partner.

  • Gain and strengthen the skills of energy practices with the help of masters who will aid practicing participants connect directly to the energy of the Creator. Go out to those vibrations and energies that have not yet been able to go out on their own.

  • Acquire independent skills of working with the unique technique “Merkaba of Love”

No spiritual awakening or practice will resonate without laughter and fun. You will get the chance to create with your hands starting with making a dream and mediation reflection journal. Discover what your subconscious is trying to communicate through color theory and other art therapies. Express and release emotions through Interpretive dance. You will learn how to find and engage with your totem animals and spirit guides through body movement.

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Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is a regressive shamanic journey into previous lives that helps focus on your roots, on your egregor, including the cleaning of your egregor, all ancestors 7 generations back at least.

We incarnate only in our egregor. And all the talents, which we discover in ourselves, were in our family. Now all people are broken or lost. Thus, many do not feel their roots, jumping from one egregor to another, from one knowledge to another, from one teacher to others. And everything goes with difficulty, because it is not their egregor, not their roots.

Same thing turns out with egregors when we get talents. Karma yoga is forgiveness (when you forgive and ask for forgiveness) and, at the same time, finding talents that are in us genealogical tree. Karma yoga is very important in the first stage, because not all people can immediately feel chi energy.

Thus, the family tree is built, where we are the roots of this tree. When we clean our egregor's roots, we restore the memory of this through our DNA, i.e. natural way, and get a blessing. It revives us and gives charge to our children and grandchildren. Ahead of where they will go our way. And we go to rejuvenation and again incarnate in this kind of power.

Diana Manilova

Clairvoyant, certified spiritual healer, channeler, and shaman with 30 years of practice. She has authored numerous programs. She is the creator of the model “Merkaba of Love.” This model only exists in Diana, and she gains this knowledge in astral schools in which she is studying.

Born in Russia, the last 20 years, Diana travels around the world, working with by thousands of people.

As a shaman she received a dedication on Lake Baikal from the highest shaman Tserin Zarin Boo from Mongolia who assigned her the name “Daughter of The Sky.”

A master of helping people in their awakening. She experienced two clinical deaths, after which clairvoyance and ability to heal have become most pronounced. Since sharing practical wisdom, deep truths, unconditional love and sparkling humor with people who are in contact with her channel.

As a channeler she is conductor of information and energy from higher levels of consciousness. She’s learned from the Highest Spiritual Teachers and Mentors, from whom they regularly receive knowledge for transmission to people.



To book a Merkaba of Love Workshop or retreat you will need to have an initial reading with Diana first. After Diana helps you understand your path, you may then fill out the form below to request.

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