Nine Questions and Nine Answers

My journey back home





1. purpose

After I finished my morning meditation I went downstairs to make myself a cup of tea. As I was waiting for the water to boil I thought to myself what a wonderful world and so is this gorgeous teapot. The teapot serves a purpose. I wonder if I have one too. What is my purpose? Surely not just running like a monkey, boiling the ocean and drinking tea?




2. health

Doing yoga every morning with raising Sun I’m raising Kundalini then I finish my routine with breathing slowly thru Chi Gong. I’ve been on 100 different diets or even more including raw and unrefined and so I consider eating grass or even Prana. Well, in the end, where is my health that I’m in need and now even more as I am walking on my Spiritual journey?



3. talents

Talents, I know for sure I’ve got them plenty. Modesty, for example, is one of them. I can definitely feel something hidden within me. Is it conscious, Subconscious or even more and beyond? Something happily breathing and waiting for me to awaken. I want to share with the world I know it’s there but can’t seem to point my finger at it. Those talents got talents since they hide so well. How to find them and where to search?



4. career

It’s kind of obvious that I’m great but nobody seems to notice me. And that is why it’s not so easy to express the genius that I am. So, what is it this awesome thing that when shared with the world will make me shine so bright and almost like a rocket will propel my career to success and universal Love?




I can swim like a dolphin, I can run like a cheetah, I can code Python 15 hours straight, I can bake a wedding cake or even if needed build a rocket ship and fly to the Moon. And as my hands are working, my legs are walking and my brain is thinking I feel how terribly tired I am and how my desire goes down to the point of negative return. Oh, where is this mighty power within that can make me do everything with a smile and joy?




Well, I am blooming like a flower and I feel it’s prime time to find me a partner in life so both of us can happily live ever after. Or maybe I just need a friend or even a helper to carry my grocery bags or bake me a diner, or buy me a pretty party dress? Well nowadays Amazon is to rescue the day any delivery one click away and a drone on its way. So, who is this mystery partner that I so desperately need and where is this Unicorn hiding and what is it going to eat?




Mirror, mirror on the wall tell me what good bad and ugly I have done in the previous lives and which one of them is the craziest of all. Where is my Soul flying and what is it trying to learn, to heal and to fulfill? 




So, I did my Karma yoga and I asked forgiveness and I forgave you all but why is my glass so full of empty feelings and windy noise shakes my inner walls? I know it's my Soul crying and waiting for me to return, to say I'm sorry it's been so long. The Soul knows all and loves me dearly like no other. The Soul sings lullabies to me when I'm alone but I can't hear sweet melodies of childhood because like a monkey on the tree I only hear sweet bananas falling down to me. Oh, give me the Love Merkaba and what is the number to dial? I want to call my Soul, connect and never be alone


cygnus_kepler (1).jpeg



When I look at the mirror I see many opportunities to grow and develop to be better. I also see that one day I will unlock the secrets, talents, and powers in me. I will change, I will be full of Light and Love. And when that happens I will then share my love with the world with others who seek just like me now the road back home to Love and God as One.


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