Dialogue with your Soul

A journey back home

This workshop with Diana will help you to answer 9 important and fundamental questions about your life. Using her many years experience as a healer, psychic and channeler, Diana will give you information about your life to assist in your personal growth acceleration and in creating happiness to your life.

Here are the questions:

1. What is my Purpose and calling?

2. How do I achieve perfect health and balance?

3. What are my talents and how do I find them?

4. What career is most suitable for me?

5. How can I enjoy life and have a limitless supply of energy?

6. Ideal partners in life?

7. What lessons do I have to learn in this life?

8. How do I connect with my Soul?

9. How do I transform my life by sharing with others?

Here is what you will learn during the sessions with Diana from each question and answer:





1. purpose

Sometimes we don’t know what our true calling in life is and why we are here, or what contracts and agreements we have signed before arriving to our mother Earth. We can spend years trying to achieve something and only learn in the end it’s not supplying us with happiness. Diana will help you understand how to uncover your life’s Purpose.




2. health

If you have problems with your health even though your lifestyle is quite healthy, the problem might be somewhere deeper. Diana can help you see how to achieve that perfect balance.



3. talents

We ALL have talents even if you think you don’t have any. The question is how to truly uncover them, and that’s exactly what Diana will help you to do.



4. career

Some of us choose our occupation based on stereotypes, recommendations by friends or parents, or by our internal desire to succeed. If you are happy doing what you are doing then you are fortunate. Diana will help with this critical aspect of your life.




If you have joy during anything you do, then you don’t get tired. Diana will help you learn how to discover and experience this truth.




We are social beings, and the quality of your relationship has much impact on our happiness, or lack thereof. So how to spot that one and only unicorn?




We are all here to learn and finish something. Otherwise we may have to repeat the lessons again. It’s much easier to work on our lessons when we know what they are, or at least have an idea how to uncover them.




We are not just our brain and body, we also have a Soul component as we all know. But do we really know our Soul? When we do, that is when we truly experience happiness. Diana will help you to establish this forgotten connection with your true nature.


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Finally, if you learn all the previous answers, but don’t share, then most likely you are not going to be happy. Just as the water in the river must flow, so too must you share your knowledge and happiness. That’s what you’ll learn how to do with Diana.


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