Life Events

Russian Buddhist Shaman, Healer & Psychic

Diana Manilova

Providing Spiritual Consultations, Shamanic Initiation Workshops and Meditation Retreats, was founded by Diana Manilova to create a nurturing place for personal growth.


Each person has their own program on earth, but we are all here to learn through our life experiences about wisdom, truth, and love."


The soul of a human comes to the Earth over 5,000 times. From this time, the soul has school with a total of 15 classes from which you must work. This work depends upon your soul's karma. The school is when you have to do something positive. For example, when you dedicate your life to taking care of people through sharing wisdom and love.

When I'm talking about your past lives, you may do analysis with this life. Evolution is like a spiral. If you had one situation in your past, you may repeat it. You have to learn lessons through your life experiences on how to clean your karma. Sort of like a dream, when you may feel you've had some present experience in your past. This is soul study.


Her Journey

Diana's grandmother, who helped her to understand the most important things in life. How to help people by listening to them. How to feel nature, talk with trees, plants, and how to live through pleasure. To find awe in how beautiful the sun, the sky, the moon, and this is how she gained her power. She danced, sang, played.

Diana was 8 years old when she was in the hospital for one year, and experienced the first of 2 clinical deaths. Having lost a friend in the hospital, a child with cancer of the blood (lukemia). She recalls seeing the spirits of death holding the hand of her friend. At this point Diana began to feel "Doctors are killers, not healers. Why am I here if I am going to end up like this? If this is what is for me, then take me now." She began working to heal herself. "My legs were purple and I was swollen and huge from all the injections." Everyday she asked about her condition, "What is my blood supposed to look like? What is my heart beat supposed to sound like?" The doctors would show her examples, and each morning after she healed from that ailment.

Working with her teachers in the sky, young Diana recovered from all her ailments in a weeks time. She recalls hearing the medical practitioners saying to her parents "Something must've been wrong with our machines, we've never seen someone heal from something like this." Reinforcing Diana knowing that she had a true God given gift of healing. She regained a love for life, began ice skating, skiing, hiking, and learned to play the piano. As she got older Diana pursued an education to become a music conductor. Then she completed her education at Russian-American university to become a healer.

Diana experienced her second clinical death after the tragedy of losing her only son. To find peace in the soul, she went to Lake Baikal one of the most spiritual places in the world. And number 2 of the seven wonders of the world. Two and a half million years ago, Lake Baikal was a volcano. After a catastrophe it became a lake, and then the crater of the volcano formed an island named "Olkhon". Where she received initiation from Mongolia's most powerful shaman and 13th level adept Tserin Zarin Boo. Where he titled her "Daughter of The Sky." This is how she reconnected with her soul and the soul of her son.

Jake Senn and Diana in Chiang Mai

Jake Senn and Diana in Chiang Mai

Love was the first religion on earth. Love for all creation. To be a shaman is a style of life. When you have a connection with nature. Flowers, trees, insects, animals, moon, sun. When you have harmony and resonance from your with all things created by God." 


In 1997 Diana relocated from Russia to Nepal to seek refuge. She took refuge to become buddhist from Tibetan lineage born Rinpoche Lopong Tensing Namdoc. And given the name "Light From Buddha." She traveled 80 countries to share love, light, and wisdom through laughter, the best medicine. In 2001 she moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand and began Life Events Shamanic Studies and Spiritual Guidance. 


"The world didn't create us, we create our world" -j. Boreyev

Every one of us is a student of life, as we learn from our experiences. Everything around us is a reflection of ourself. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong, just different. The key for happiness is to have enough energy to do what you like to do. We are shaking to awaken God in the soul. Learning how to love yourself, will help you to love the whole world. Because everything is a reflection of you.

-Diana Manilova