Our Purpose

Life Events was created out of the desire to help people understand the Keys To Happiness. Helping them along their soul journey to create their Merkaba of Love. This is achieved through readings with Diana, our workshops, retreats and you understanding your soul journey.

The Merkaba of Love Study is a series of workshops and retreats to guide you through your soul journey by changing the conditioning placed on you by family, friends, and society. All this is done by karma clearing, healing emotional wounds, connecting you to the roots of your lineage, aura rejuvenation, four elements through five senses, golden pranayama, and by guiding you through shamanic travel. And most importantly engaging yourself through love. This life journey is dependent on your efforts to maintain a healthy, positive, and loving life. We help you to do these things for yourself so that you can then spread the love, wisdom, and compassion that is within you to others.

You can connect with us in Chiang Mai, Thailand if you wish to visit. Or begin your journey by viewing our experiences and schedule an appointment with Diana. Please contact us with any questions that can’t be answered on common questions.

Lots of love!