Life Events

Psychic Readings
with Diana Manilova

All Readings done in person are up to 90 minutes and readings done via skype are 60 minutes. FOllow up readings are available as well. See some client reflections or Select your reading below.



Initial Reading

How it begins

Your journey begins with a private, heart-to-heart session in-person or via skype. You will have a chance to ask Diana about your own life to gain insights about why you are here. What lessons you have received so far and what future event will transpire. You can ask common questions about love, money, or career. If you are sensitive and intuitive you may discuss your experiences and receive guidance on how to evolve or manage your gifts. Or you may just need a healing session.

Diana receives information from her spiritual teachers just like a movie that plays inside her head. By scanning your birthdate and looking into your eyes, your life story is revealed like the contents of a holy book. During a single session, Diana may share 1% of the information she receives. Consequently, she asks that you provide a couple of questions for her to address your specific needs.

Bring some paper to take notes and record “homework” recommendations Diana may offer. We suggest that you schedule some quiet time for reflection after your session. Whenever you focus on doing 'your homework' in the hours, days, and months that follow your session. Diana and her spiritual teachers will continue to work with you from afar.

Consultations are recommended for any one at least 25 years old. At this age you will have enough life experience for an in depth reading. (An initial reading is required too book any Workshops & Retreats.)

If you are not in Chiang Mai you may book a Skype Reading


Follow-Up Reading

Your work may not be done

Schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss your progress or new events that have happened since your last meeting with Diana. These sessions are also open to those who need additional healing work or guidance. Follow-ups are available in 45 minute or 90 minute sessions. Please book your session accordingly.