Freedom is destiny of the chosen,
Those who noticed in nature,
Simultaneous diversity of deeds:
The ants run and flowers grow,
Bees fly and the sounds of Spring,
With the fresh breath of the wind.

Look at these in reverence
And stop in rapture
Facing the natural order
Which has opened itself to you.

Flow of thoughts and dreams
Confide to the phenomenon of beauty
And you will feel in your heart beating
All these are you!

The richness of the colors will revive
And the chorus of the birds start singing
In your heart,
And the sweetest honey will drop on your tongue...

Forget routine and sadness,
Let yourself miss the days of the past,
And open the new space
Called freedom and life.

For the sake of the glory of the ultimate Father,
The creator of the galaxy and the world
Be honored with the title of a saint.

Learn to love Him in yourself
To perform kindness like miracles.
And teach everybody the authentic freedom.