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Blessings and Love to Precious Life and the Light of the Universe that surrounds everything around us

During this workshop, We’ll begin exploring the lower worlds, where we will meet our ancestors and teachers of the underworld. We will meet the Elements of Water, Air, Fire, and Earth and allow them to teach us their power. We will journey to the center of the earth and meet all kinds of beings. We will then explore the Middle worlds, were we currently inhabit but from our astral body. We will explore ancient ruins beneath the soil rediscover lost secrets and travel the skies. We will rediscover our spiritual families and travel with them throughout the stars to retrieve wisdom and lessons from past lives. Come to the retreat and discover your capacity to explore the stars and beyond!

This shamanic initiation is to open doors for your desired method of shamanism. Diana does not use substances (ie. ayahuasca) in her shamanic trainings. Culture, country, level of consciousness may use different substances. This is part of shamanic practices. Diana opens the door for spirits of your desired method of practice.

Understanding the Shamanic Worlds

The Lower World
The home of terrestrial-bound spirits of humans and animals. All the dead from Earth and the elements themselves we connect with in the Lower World. You will learn to communicate with these spirits and the elements of air, fire, water and earth. Here you connect with your ancestors, trolls, gnomes, underground teachers and learn to take power from the elements.

The Middle World
Made up of the spirits of living animals, trees, cars, houses, musical instruments, jewelry, food, temples and ruins. When you connect with teachers in this world you get energy for material success, to spiritually clean your home, for introduction to a spirit of an area, receive power to make a talisman, charge a power object like a crystal, connect with totem animals of protection, meet a teacher that may heal you and other practices with nature.

The Higher World
Includes the spirits of the sky such as rain, thunder, lightening and teachers from the outer-space such as our sun, moon, planets, stars and other heavenly bodies. You’ll find your highest teachers here. They will help you connect with your soul, establish a personal room of energy, regress into your past-life to retrieve wisdom (from forgotten lessons and mistakes), help clean karma, and connect with other stars and planets.


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