Ignorance gives birth to fear!
Not knowing, is fear : 
Is the attachment trustworthy ? 
Wouldn't an unexpected success
Turn out to be a trouble?
May we forget the sin,
Which can not be purified with the prayer?
We take birth for an accident
Not knowing - what for...
For years we hide ourselves from the problems
In the labyrinths of darkness.
We are scared to turn the gaze inside
And to discover the light within.
The only and true path
To escape all the possible troubles -
Is to recognize yourself.
But it is a hardship, which doesn't allow
Neither easy minutes,
Nor a careless life.
On the contrary: to open
All the hiding secrets in your soul,
You have to teach the flesh
To reduce its desires,
And your past lives one by one,
Like a vivid movie,
Will show you - once and forever -
What was destined
To change, to purify with the prayer,
To suffer according to your sins of the past,
In order to develop the harmony
Of the elements in your soul.
Saturn, Venus, Pluto -
All of them can teach:
The universal moral law,
The sounds of a symphony.
Hurry up to discover
The laws of the universe in yourself.
Then, believe me, you'll be free
Of all fears, forever.

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