When you get tired of war,
And want silence again,
You dream to rest in the garden
And inhale the aroma of the flowers...
Suddenly I remember
How in midday, without friends and servants,
I stayed still in the jasmine bushes
Waiting for the gazelle to appear.
She is timid and tender
Full of natural charm,
And attracts with its women's
Pride in the eyes.
It happened so at the ball
I was catching a glance
Of a eminent woman
And secretly like a midnight thief,
Hiding behind the curtain I watched her.
She is invited for a dance by a chavalier
(His courage is a good example for me) 
She is refined and sweet,
She accepts the offer of his arm,
Curving her figure,
The light turning,
Precisely moving,
Full of natural gracefulness
Having slightly pushed herself,
She flies into the embrace of wind...
But, the music stopped!
She laughing takes the glass of wine
And suddenly fear flashes in her eyes,
Her husband approaches!
Giving the moderate bow
He presents the jasmine bouquet to her.

The fast gazelle had run away
But, in my memory still
Her glance remains like
The intoxication of champagne.
Now I'm an old man
But, still the heat of youth
Is the same in my heart.
And now in only my dreams
I hold gazelle in my arms.