Having run away from the noisy crowd
To rescue your own soul,
Suddenly you grow deaf of a silence,
And lose the speech in muttering,
And turn around by chance,
Having kept alive the pain,
To meet the kind glance,
To hear the voice: "What happened to you?"

If the meeting is destined -
You have found a true friend.
Let the solid walls collapse,
Which you built in your soul. 
Answer with kindness to sincerity,
Light up the fire in one's soul
To negate evil, envy or curse
Not be able to ever separate you.
Remember, that the hour will come
When, far away apart from your friend,
You'll hear the voice of one's soul
And feel someone else's tear, -
Forget yourself,
Hurry up to help,
Not being scared that loving
You'll lose a part of your soul.
The more you are giving in the friendship -
The more you rescue yourself.