She is a magnificent crown of nature,
Exulting hymn of a divine beauty,
The spring celebration of life and freedom,
Awakening immortal dreams again.

Premonition of happiness, vow of joy,
After the winter cold she brings
The living miracle of a feeling - first blossom,
Which is kept under the snow crust of a soul.

When as a token of a worshiping the loved one,
The knight presents the tender flowers to her,
He is fulfilling the unseen
Order, given from the heaven height.

There on high they celebrate the marriage first.
And one, who praises tender figure,
The lightest gait, mischievous glance - could recognize
The trap, which is set for him.

The Empress and the servant nature,
Oh, woman, fiancé and wife,
You are destined to continue the life,
And be true to this destination.

Omniscient God, who created all the planets,
Showed the immortal female.
This is the Earth, the child of love and light,
Worthy pedestal of beauty.

The sees, the mountains, the rivers, the valleys,
Countless beings,
Giving birth to all,
Beloved fiancé and wife.

There isn't loneliness of yearning in the goddess,
Through love they create the same ones, like them,
Helping their health and growing,
The cherish souls of sages in the bodies.

All woman, mother of all beings,
The Pearl of Galaxy, the Earth,
Be patient, don't be harsh
To your growing sons and daughters.

The restless knight will spiritually grow
And bring the beloved to the shrine,
God's blessing descends
On this worthy union of heart and mind.