Pain arises in the soul,
Permeates the body.
To discover it's true source
Take a stock of your deeds sincerely
And repent your sins.
Why it has come to you - ask the pain.
If your heart is aching, think
Of those, who're close to you, just with the thought
Help someone, who is in trouble.
Pray for them, through your pain
And compassion support the beloved soul.
Maybe, you played with love,
And cheated someone else's heart
Or abused with slander?
We should thank the pain,
Through suffering and torture
It leads us to ourselves
And turns to God.
Through overcoming we approach
The unique perfection,
To which we were destined
By the will of the Almighty Creator.
But don't transform your life
Into constant pain recklessly,
Pain is only a reminder of your mistakes,
And helps in the soul growing.
Listen to my words about pain and don't lose
The lesson of a short life
On how to make friends between the mind and the soul.