Who are the dolphins?

The dolphins are asking as well:
What is a man?
He looks like an animal,
And is able to stay without the sea and the river,
And like a dolphin contemplate,
That a man forgets the commonness of mind.

When a man came out of the sea's depths,
Long ago... Everybody stayed together as a family,
And appreciated love and kindness,
But now man imagines himself
The only intelligence.

Once upon a time
Gods descended here from heaven.
All of them had two legs...
But were demons as well!
The dolphins wandering forever
Of the sea's unknown depths,
Are unreasonably kind, poor things.

But the law is the same for everyone,
Whether you live on the land or in the sea,
Or, soar high in the sky,
Or, dig the earth - freedom!

It is given to everyone as God's law.
But, if a man acts like a barbarian
Consider slavery the main custom,
They can not live as equals
Among the animals, dolphins and birds.